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Name: Krishna Agrawal
Location: Salt Lake, Sector-1, Near Quality Bus Stop

About : Born and bought up in Ranchi. Now settled in Kolkata. Did Engineering from IIT KGP in Mechanical after that got a campus selection and did job in Reliance Infrastructure and Reliance Power for 7 Yrs (from 2008 till June 2015). Left my job last year to do what i like the most Trading/ Investing. Super active in markets since 2008. Love TA and trading. Joined valuepickr in 2011 to learn fundamental side of stocks…learned a lot through this beautiful platform and gain huge perspective. Through insights gained here at valuepickr Was able to spot and pick few multi baggers like Ajanta Pharma, La Opala and Can Fin Homes and many more which completely changed my life.

Apart from full time stock market i am also AN AMFI registered MF advisor and distributor of MF products (In fact all financial products like Ms, Insurance Policies and all).

Looking forward for meeting you brothers of valuepickr from Kolkata. Hope to share, contribute and learn from you guyz.

( s das) #45

Hi Krishna nice to know u are an alumni of IIT KGP where i am working now. Cheers

(sandeep_kolkata) #47

This is sandeep .
I m from salt lake
I m a FCA
I invest for my family n myself.
I am into stock investing since 2003.
I m sure ,this platform will b ,if not anything more will be a knowledge enhancing exercise for all.
See you .
Thanx n this
Sandeep jain

(kumar) #48

can I come along too . i have emailed you my details

(Who Cares?) #49

Not sure if there is still space for more. If yes, do count me in. I am sending the details through message.

(kumar) #50

made a mess whilst sending contact details. please delete post where appropriate.

name kumar chugani
mobile 9830112279
email [email protected]

area shakespeare sarani

(Abhishek Basumallick) #51

I am an engineer by education and work in an IT MNC as a Group Head. Born and brought up in North Calcutta with absolutely no investing and business background. I started investing in 2000 after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad and realizing that I did not want to be an employee for the rest of my life.

I remember seeing the Nifty cross 1000 and Sensex 3000 mark and the elation in the CNBC-TV18 show :wink:

Have tried most things - technicals (though not very good at it), F&O trading, swing trading, intra-day and long term investing. After seeing that the real returns had come only from investments and not speculation, focused only on it.

I am a very voracious reader and these days find it difficult to find any prominent book on investing that I have not read. at one time, I had a collection of over 3000 books only on investing (mostly pdfs/epubs and some physical copies). Continue to read everything I can get my hands on and for which time permits. My favourite topics besides investing are psychology, sociology, behavioral finance, politics, history, industry insights, success or failure stories and biographies.

I have been associated with VP from its initiation and think that it is by far the best platform for serious investors in India today.

The sharebazar app has published my interview yesterday.
Part I - You can read it from the link here.
Part II - You can read it from the link here.
You can ‘continue as guest’ on the app / site and read the interview without installing the app (in case you don’t want to).


About myself: I did my engineering in 1991 from BIT Mesra, and since then working in IT industry. Although I was born & brought up in Bihar, but settled in Kolkata for 25 years. Currently working at IT MNC.

Investment: I got attracted to stock market in 2001, but suffered losses as I was more of speculator then. Shifted to active equity Mutual fund investing in 2005, which has given me decent returns. Got back to direct equity investment in 2014, mostly in large caps and limited mid/small caps. Discovered ValuePickr quite late, just couple of months back and since then learning the art of value investing. Reading Peter Lynch book. Hope to learn from others and contribute to this wonderful community.

Top 3 picks from my portfolio - Granules, Maruti, Biocon (exited recently as the valuation seemed too high)

(goutam) #54

I got my motivaton for stock market after reading the same book :slight_smile::grin:

(Debjit) #55

hi all …

good to see so many full time players … :slight_smile:
will have a great experience sharing session .its an excellent initiative .
@basumallick , i would request , to give a chance to all of us for the upcoming meeting in convenient place and time . please share the details .
will see you all … cheersss

(Earninlearn) #56

Great Initiative.
I am Pankaj Gupta (aged 39 yrs) and have done my B.Com (H), C.S., and MBA (IIM Lucknow). I started my career into investing from 2002 in MFs and have managed equity funds in various MFs for 10 yrs. Worked in corporate banking in HDFC and ICICI Bank also for some time. Currently I am based out of Kolkata and investing on my own and do take some financial courses as a passion in some post graduate colleges.

As an investor, I am still learning and experimenting. My investment ideas are a mix of long term & special situation. Some of my investments include Sagar Cement, Tata Investment, IMFA, Tata Elxsi (Exited) & NHAI Bonds.

(Karan Sharma) #57

Hi, I am Karan Sharma, aged 27 years. I am working as a research analyst at a local brokerage house in Calcutta. I have done my International CFA in 2014. I got introduced to ValuePickr 2 years back and it has been a great learning arena from me since then. I have been involved in the stock markets since the last 8 years. There is a history of my family in the stock markets, albeit a very small one. That made me catch the bug and since i completed my Bcom i have been involved in markets working under a few profiles. I am not a disciplined reader but have read a few books on investing and investment psychology. Planning on meeting the seniors on Sunday and learning a lot.

( s das) #58

I was born and bought up in a very small town Midnapur, some 130 km away from Kolkata. I work at IIT Kharagpur and an Engineer by education, 44+ years old. I am an introvert and can’t speak well.
Nobody in my entire family, relatives ever invested in equities and had faced lots of hardship in initial days. Nobody was willing to lend me capital to invest in equities so had to rely totally on monthly salary for that. In the initial days, I didn’t buy any new cloths for years (even in Durga Puja), stopped eating in restaurants, Fish etc etc to save money to invest in equity.
That’s altogether a very difficult years of my life but now by God grace I am close to crack the lock gate of Financial freedom. Almost 85% -90% of my personal wealth is in equities.
A colleague @ IIT Kharagpur was earning a lot of money in Tech boom and he used to tell us how a portfolio of 2L became 18L ,20L etc within a very short time. Frankly speaking pure Greed lured me into equities at that time. I lossed heavily in the Tech boom, buying so called famous K-10 stocks, HFCL, Pentamedia, Ram informatics etc etc. I lost all my capital.
But didn’t gave up and jumped again into equites as a day, swing trader in 2002. Lossed heavily again. Jumped in again, in 2004, after saving some money as a pure buy and hold player. Luckly picked some good performing stocks like Pantaloon,TV18, Yes bank, Axis Bank etc. Made lot of money on the way till 2007 but lost almost 90% of that in 2008 as I kept adding on pantaloon and yes bank on every fall. Basically I don’t know how and when to sell stocks.
In the mean time I found and that changed my whole outlook. I starting reading books and became more and more confident. has a big big influence in my investing career as it had changed my outlook and style of investion and picking stocks also.
Biggest multibaggers in my life are Page industries, Gruh, Repco( still holding), Titan,Hdfcbank etc. I was very late in finding ValuePickr and found it in late last year. Wish to meet you all in Kolkata, but don’t know whether I will be able to make it as 9:00 is too early for me from Kharagpur. Lets See.

(sc01) #59


I am an engineer by profession and I work as a systems administrator. I am currently based out of Kolkata and before this I was working in global support services of Red Hat.

I read books, lots of them - but haven’t read many investment books as you guys have. My jump into stock market was a reaction after finishing ‘One Up On Wall Street’ by Peter Lynch. There is no problem in accepting that all the terms/jargon still fly past my little brain and that is how I got introduced to valuepickr. I think I was googling ‘value investing India’ or reading some other forum where someone mentioned about valuepickr and M3 forum. Upon checking both places, the choice of selecting a place to learn was no-brainer.

Well, and that is how I am here. I used to lurk before but never posted because I didn’t and still don’t have anything of value to add :slight_smile: What I am expecting from this meetup is to see fellow investors in person and perhaps getting a feel of what to read and learn and understand fundamentals of (value) investing. How you guys differentiate one company from another, calculate forward PE from AR numbers, is honestly baffling to me. I hope my inexperience doesn’t bar me.

Top picks: I guess I can omit that in a direct equity journey of less than 2-3 months.


(Finrahul9) #60

Will discuss when we meet .

(Who Cares?) #61

I am a chartered accountant by education and work as a Management Consultant in an MNC. Have been brought up in Kolkata with absolutely no investing and business background.

I have been a bookworm all my life and in due course on reading about investing legends and investing small amounts on and off, it has dawned on me that there is nothing else which I am more passionate about. I have never been attracted to technicals or derivatives etc. However I have paid ample amount of tuition fees to Mr. Market. My favourite topics besides investing are behavioral finance, politics, biographies.

Though I have been aware about about VP from its early days, have not been a very frequent visitor. Recently while cleaning up my PC, I found out a file which I had downloaded from valupickr screener in early 2011. (It had one and a very comprehensive one at that. In fact I still miss the level of filtering that could be done. is good but it doesnt’t have that flexibility yet). My customized screen was trying to filter quality small caps which are displaying growth momentum and available at reasonable valuations. To my amazement the 32 scrips as per that screen as a portfolio have compounded ~30%+ before dividends and beaten all mutual funds during this period (2011 to 2016). Please note “as a portfolio”. Around 4/5 have probably got delisted or went bankrupt while an equal number have gone up more than 10x. Intending to write up a post and share all the details as there are many learnings from this tragic comic episode. Did I say tragic? Because I never got around to investing anything as per that screen and got busy with other things in life!

(Ashwini Damani) #62

Hi…I am Ashwini Damani. CA and CFA by profession. In the markets since 9+ years. Currently work for the Financial Reporting Team of Lafarge.

My latest picks include Piramal Enterprise, Tata Metallik, Fortis (Demerger play).
Have dealt in all kinds of opportunities in markets but have started realising that 80% wealth is being generated from 20% ideas where I did good homework, had patience and held for story to play out

(BIPLAB) #64

I am Biplab staying in Howrah. Nobody in my entire family, relatives ever invested in equities. Have learnt investing by reading a number of books on investing & follwing many Indian Blogs on value investing. I am in the market for +4 years. I have a decent portfolio consisting of a 11x, a 4x and couple of 3x. My greatest loss is -90% in a stock. Eager to meet all value investing enthusiast in Kolkata.
@basumallick Abhishek Da, has the Venue finalised? I have already messaged my details to your FB a/c.

(Vinay) #65

Hi, I am Vinay Agarwal, CA by education.
Have been enterprising Alum. Sheet/Circle Mfg. in un-organised sector since last several years. Ventured further into Floriculture, cold storage and warehousing.
Have been in market since last 4 years only.

(Amitayu) #66

Hi, I am Amitayu Ghosh 33+ ,working as Solution Architect in IT MNC ,Fan of Peter Lynch .I am in long term Growth investment from 2012 after paying many tuition fee to market(Still paying :slight_smile: ).Inspired by My father to come into stock market. The whole investment outlook/thesis was changed after reading Thoughtful Investor (written by Basant Maheswari,TED) and Valuepicker Threads .Give importance to MQ,BQ ,Secular growth story,Lower Valuation ,Scuttlebutt and Field work. Give special interest to IPO as believe they are fertile ground for multibaggers. Give much importance to Portfolio allocation and growth after started realizing that picking multibaggers is not the only way to reach Financial freedom . Few winners are Lupin (3 bagger), Can fin(3 Bagger), Ajanta(3 Bagger), Cera (3 Bagger) ,Page (2 Bagger). Holding are Ujjivan, Satin,Manappuram ,Canfin …