ValuePickr Kolkata

(Prodipto Mondal) #22

Name: Prodipto Mondal
email: [email protected]
Mobile: 8621971777
Residence Location - Belgharia ( Sealdha)

(Suneel) #23

I hope this will soon start in Hyderabad too.

(sandeep_kolkata) #24

Gr8 initiative . I would also like to b part of it . Hope it wil b lot of learni ng for all of us

(MAHESaN1) #25

Even i could not access the google sheet. Such a meeting will be an awesome idea if we all can meet and contribute our ideas, count me in

Mahesh Gupta
[email protected]

(MAHESaN1) #26

Also can we create a whatsapp group

(Abhishek Basumallick) #27

I have raken down the sheet as it was making personal details public.
Please send me the details requested to me and I will add you to the list.
We will start the meetings very soon.

(Ayan Bera) #28

Appreciable Initiative. Meeting will be great if we can share our ideas. Looking forward to participate in Kolkata value investors club.

Please count me in.
Ayan Bera
[email protected]
residence: tollygunj
Regards ayan

(sc01) #29

Long time lurker, created account to post.

Please count me in as well. I will send my details to Abhishekda.

And guys, can you all please not post email/address/phone number publicly? I am sure you dislike the unsolicited phone calls to take credit card/loan as much as I do. Plus adding personal information on Internet is can lead to phishing and tens of hundreds of other risks. Please message directly.

@basumallick, one suggestion, if I may :slight_smile: . The interest level in this thread is appreciable. Can we please create an agenda of the meeting in advance? We can tweak it during meeting or at any later point. Also, can we please set expectation level for the gang? Like, I am a newbie in the field and all I want is to hear stories from you and other seniors. If we all know where we stand, then that might lead to more fruitful discussion.

Just my $0.02.


(krpwn1516) #30

Pawan Mishra
[email protected]
Residence - I am from Jamshedpur (250 Kms from Kolkata) but I will come to Kolkata. So any area is ok with me.

(vsarda) #32


I would be interested in your initiative. Please find my details below -

Vishal Sarda
[email protected]
Residence - Uniworld City, New Town

(Anup Agarwal) #33

Please find my details below:

Anup Kumar Agarwal
[email protected]
Bangur Avenue Block A
kolkata- 700055

(Earninlearn) #34

Great Initiative. I am from Kolkata and will be intereste

(Abhishek Basumallick) #35

Great going so far. We will meet on 21st August at 9:00 am. We have 33 participants for this meeting with more people getting added everyday. We may need to restrict the numbers from the next meeting onwards based on participation, interest, experience and contribution to the community.

(BIPLAB) #36

Thats great Abhishek da, I want to join, in this regard I have message u my details in FB. Please mention the venue.

(Deb) #37

My short Intro -

I am a Government employee, Professor by profession, live in South Kolkata.

As a very small investor, I always maintain a ‘Core & Satellite’ portfolio type investing strategy. I am in the market from 2007. Generally I invest in a mix of large and mid-to-small cap stocks and Mutual Funds. The debt part of my portfolio is maintained by PPF a/c and Bank FDs.

My 3 top investment-stocks-

Yes Bank

My top MFs are-

HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (G-Direct)
Franklin Smaller Companies Fund ( " )
SBI Bluechip Fund ( " )

My suggestion for the agenda of our Kol meeting-

‘How I recognize VALUE for investing’


(Krishnendu) #38

Myself Krishnendu is a very small and very new investor. Though I have been in the market for couple of years but I am playing my cards as a value investor only since 2014 July.

I am working in IBM now as a data specialist.

My Major Investments are

  1. Tata Elxsi
  2. Granules India
  3. Steel Strip Wheel
  4. Arrow Greentech
  5. Persistent System
  6. Heritage Foods
  7. JHS Svendgaard

(us121) #39

Hi, All.
i am in market since 90s, but initial period was a very small beginning, lots of experimentation and happy and not so happy experiences but lots of learnings.
my major holdings as of now are repco, symphony, amararaja, granules, gruh, kajaria, tata elxsi.

(Pradyumn) #41

I completed my M Sc in Finance from LSE in 2012. Since then I have joined my father, who has been in the Equity Market for over 20 years, in managing our family portfolio, although I did have some exposure to the market earlier albeit vicariously.

My interest in this field came about by watching my father. I have tried to educate myself in Value Investing by reading Buffett’s Letters, and multiple other books like Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, One Up on Wall Street, Beating The Street, excerpts from The Intelligent Investor, etc.

Some of our top Holdings are 1. Icra, 2. Honda Siel & Power, 3. Sundaram Finance, 4. Ujjivan

(rajesh koradia) #42

I am interested , count me in

(Longterm) #43

Name : Rahul

Location : Ballygunj

About : Started investing a year back in equities . Stock picking style would be investing in good businesses and compounders over a long period of time. don’t believe in tracking the markets daily and do track the shares in my watch list .

Top Picks : Granules , Repco , Shilpa , Canfin , Mold Tek Packaging

Shall certainly be there.