ValuePickr Jaipur

(Umang Shah) #1

Hi All

There have been valuepickr driven community meetups happening in multiple cities. Folks from Jaipur, in case you would like to get together to discuss investments on a periodical basis, do respond on this thread.

We could discuss about all the concepts we hold dear - investing ideas, principles, philosophy, readings and share knowledge - hopefully learning and unlearning from each other.

For now, we can simply continue talking on this thread, if there is a consensus, we can shift it to WhatsApp and then ultimately have a meetup.

Happy investing.


(Divyanshu Taneja) #2

Yes i am interested, thanks for starting this thread

(D) #3

yes, i am also interested.

(nt12345) #4

Hello @bozo_investor i am also interested

(ca pawan) #5

hi. I am interested and proceed further.

(ca pawan) #6

we have a group of investors in Jaipur. We meet on every saturday in my office between 4-6 pm. Anyone interested can join us.

(D) #7

great i am interested give your address or phone no.

(Umang Shah) #8

Hi All

Thanks Pawan for opening up your space for discussions.

@ everyone else - would you guys like to join pranav and his group?

Just one clarification - are the discussions based on fundamental analysis (similar to what we have on valuepickr) or is it geared towards technical?

Also i think as per the portal policy, we are not supposed to share our contact details directly on the thread. We can DM you for the details. is that fine?

Thanks all for the responses.

(divyansh ) #9

I am from jaipur and interested in the discussions as well. Whom do we all pm our details .

(ca pawan) #10

Hi all. I am Ca and full time investor. I dont trade or speculate only investment. I do visit companies and meet management also. I have written article in arun mukharjee’s book 75 hidden gems. I have written on Akme udaipur based hfc. we have small group of investors in Jaipur we meet and discuss equity quite regularily. Today in evening we are meeting again between 4-6 at my office in c-scheme.

(nt12345) #11

Hello @ca_pawan iam from jaipur please dm me your details so that i can also join you whenever possible.

(Umang Shah) #12

Thats fantastic Pawan! you haave quite a background in investing with your writing and vocation.

I am in consulting so end up travelling a lot, but would definitely love to connect the next time i am in jaipur.

(Harish Assudani) #13

Wow, here in Jaipur so many investors of ValuePickr forum. I am a long term investor and residing in Jaipur, I am also interested to interact with knowledgeable persons. Kindly let me know the address and phone number for meeting and information.

(uttam.kedia) #14

yes I will be interested to connect…regards