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Please go thru the Help file that is linked to a the bottom of the site. It should answer most of your questions. It also has “My InvestR Workflow” section at the end that you will find useful. There is separate ValuePickr thread about Investr where in you will find lots more information.

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Hello,my name is Rajath Kolvi, Please add me to Valuepickr Bengaluru Group

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Hi. My name is Ronak. Could someone please add me to Valuepickr Bengaluru group.

(Kumark) #146

Hi All,

Interested to know when is the next meet in Bangaluru? and how to get into the Watsapp group ?


(Chandrasekar) #147

Many folks are interested but no news from the organizers for the past many months.

(Satish Earthling) #148

Payment link for this event :

(Satish Earthling) #149

Due to non availability of Hall during the first half of the day we are shifting the meeting to 2pm to 6pm.

In case anyone wants a refund due to the change in time , please ping me.

(StockDoc) #150

I’m not 100% sure about my schedule on Sunday but I’d really like to come. If I’m free at the time, can I come to the venue and make a payment on the spot?

(pbelamge) #151

Thank you for the opportunity, I would like to be part of the event - FYI: made the payment

(Nitesh Varshney) #152

Dear Friends, Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

([email protected]) #153

hi Can someone let me know the payment amount and if I can come directly and make the payment on the venue
As I stay in the city this session should be an eye opener for a Novice investor like me.


(Raj) #154

I think the payment link is closed by now. The seats were limited due to the capacity of the available hall.
If you are part of the Whatsapp group ping Satish, else send him a PM through VP.


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_Competitive Analysis Tool v6.pdf (1.1 MB)
My today’s presentation on competitive analysis tool. Further details available here :

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Please do not share your phone no and/or email id on this public forum as it can be misused. One can directly send messages to the group admin or group member for request. All the city group forum threads would be closed. All those who have put their nos on these threads are requested to remove them for their own safety. Until the whole thread is cleaned up, it will remain locked. So please do not request moderators to open the thread, instead please ask your group members to do all the clean up work individually.

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I have opened up the thread. Group leader please ensure that no one shares their contact nos/email ids on the thread.

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Thanks Manish.
Friends if you would like to join the Bangalore Whatsapp group for future meetings , pls send me a private message. And Kindly DONT Spam this thread with request for adding yourself to the groups. Please keep this thread clean for sharing the slides from meetup and sharing future meetup invites.:grinning:

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Attaching the material from June meetup .

  • Indigo Airlines

Indigo.pdf (1003.8 KB)

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Limited Seats available , if interested pls register here.