Valiant Organics - High ROCE, debt free

(Prasad Wakchaure) #164

I have gone through all the posts here. Thank you for such in-depth analysis by all contributors.

How much capacity expansion have come online during this 6 months? Do we have any information on this front? How is the company in communicating with investors?

When is this company moving from SME platform to normal trading platform? I think its three years after IPO right?

It seems rising prices of phenol has not impacted the bottom line of the company. Superb numbers posted by the company suggests that its ability to pass the effect of rising in raw material to its customers.

Thanks in advance

(AmitContrarian) #165

Its no more chloro phenol company … Two big mergers have happened its now something else and growth really surprised me.
EPS became some 3x … Crazy
if they do no growth in the second half and just repeat the performance.
Then FY19 EPS will be 110 ,i.e, stock is trading 14-15 x earnings.

Doesn’t looks like a expensive stock to me …

(Ghanisht Nagpal) #166

One merger you mean, other is due.

(AmitContrarian) #167

Yes … and so far mergers have happened in favor of shareholders. The next one is a biggest one of all …
How do you see it could pan out ?