(atul1082) #163

Thanks.While the real pic of VKs could b different than what is being projected, this sample size is too small.It wuld b good if more members could visit 2to 3 nearby VKs and share.however I can say that despite travelling we quite extensively, I have not seen any kiosk like this.compared to this,if we see a total of psu petrol pumps which r around 50_55 thousand in nos,one could see them every 2 to 3 kms

(Sathish K N) #164

Thanks Mr. Neil for taking the efforts to locate a Kendra and visiting one (to find it non-functional).
As pointed out, one Kendra, particularly in an Urban area, might not be a representative sample of the kind of locations they are supposed to be doing well. Using the same link, I see that there are 590(!) Kendras in Pune district alone (of over 10k in Maharashtra). Would it be possible for you to visit one in a nearby rural area after calling the listed number (interestingly phone numbers for many Kendras are same - possibly contact details of the block coordinator?)
I would do the same if there was any Kendra in my state (there are none). Planning to next week visit a nearby state where there are a few Kendras listed on the website.
I guess most if the forum members want to know if their business model is genuine, stable, profitable & scalable and not impacted by what is happening in the market.

Thanks again for the channel checks. Hope the next one will be fruitful.

(Chandragupta) #165

Very interesting ! Out of sheer curiosity, I searched for “400102” and this is what I got:


  1. The ten addresses belong to a place called Chhibramau, District Kannauj, U.P.
  2. The contact number seems to be Vakrangee office in Mumbai and not the actual number of VK.
  3. Pin code 209721 belongs to Chhibramau. The other pin codes given in the addresses like 209728 / 29 / 35 etc. belong to other places and not Chhibramau.
  4. The addresses follow a similar pattern, which is normally seen only in planned cities like Chandigarh or Navi Mumbai.
  5. Ten VK centres in a small place like Chhibramau with a population of 60,000 sounds a bit unrealistic.
  6. Google Maps does not return anything for the addresses when searched for the various nagars like Subhash Nagar, Nehru Nagar etc. in Chhibramau.
  7. Observe the Nagar names – Subhash Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Lohia Nagar, Shastri Nagar… got the drift?

So the VK numbers seems to be overstated clearly.

(neil_loamas) #166

Guys. This vakrangee kendra hunt is going on. I found another lead for some people that can be very helpful to verify.
I found this locator which lists mobile numbers also. (I don’t know what is connection between CSC and vakrangee, but there is close connection between vakrangee kendra runners and this list.). On vakrangee site you can’t get phone numbers of kendra runners, but here you can find.

How to find:

Take any vakrangee kendra runner name from their list and find it on above csc site. You can get mobile number.


3rd largest franchise chain in the world as per presentation on Page 3 with 44,000 locations.

Internet search seems to think Mcdonalds is number 1 but then it has only 36,900 locations.

Is Vakrangee being too modest about being #3?

(Krishna Chaitanya) #168

Excellent, this counter seems to evolve a lot with all sorts of cover up/cooking of books. As it appears.

(Jaclyn) #169

Basant Maheshwari: What you buy is not important or when you buy. So, it is not a question of whether you buy 10 per cent down or 10 per cent up. A stock is hitting already down 50 per cent, the poster boy of this bull market went up 20-30 times over the last three, four, five years. Vakrangee we all know. So, whether we are already 10 per cent high or 10 per cent low does not make a difference today because there is no exit for you, but if you buy these high quality companies at least when the bear comes up along, you can somersault yourself back into and be safe. You would rather be safe behind quality.

I think we have to buy companies with strong fundamentals. It sounds cliche, but it could not have been made important than a time like this.

From his interview on ETNow. Transcript available on ET as well.

(mehta.piyush44) #170

I don’t understand one thing
Last time SEBI had issued shell cos list
On which Prakash Ind & j Kumar infra was there n many others too
Y not vakrangee when SEBI had done investigation in 2015-2016-2017
I fail why SEBI or bse & NSE not issuing any statement regarding this
investigation in public domain cause I did not find any SEBI report nor NSE
and BSE on vakrangee
I think SEBI bse NSE all Shud come with the factual report so that
shareholders & investors cud be protected

(GP Harsha) #171

Hello … There was a discussion thread about non refundable deposit/fee received from franchise owners …Can someone help me to locate the source of that information please? I couldn’t find it in their franchise PPT.
if they receive any, is that been projected as an revenue? Please help me to understand.

(Kumar Saurabh) #172

Check Bloomberg interview last week . Just google or search on tweeter. I saw through Bloomberg Twitter link

(Sathish K N) #173

Thanks Chandragupta for investigating the Kendras.
I tried to investigate further on this town Chhibramau you stumbled upon.
Interestingly, this town indeed seems to be planned as Wards and hence addresses also have that. Also, it does seem to have area names for Freedom Fighters. ( both from

I know this still doesn’t mean Vakrangee got Franchisees to open 10 Kendras in this town or faking such listings (but 10 Kendras in a tier-III town of 60K population can’t be considered unrealistic - remember most single Kendras in rural areas are probably in villages with less than 6000 or even 600 population)

i would not conclude VK numbers are overstated just from this information you stumbled upon.
We need folks to visit Kendras at a listed Rural location and then confirm or deny their existence, business and growth.

(Sathish K N) #174

While McDonalds might be the franchise with highest sales, the one with most number of outlets is possibly 7-Eleven (61K) followed by Subway (45K; from ).
So, Vakrangee is correct in claiming third place (with 44K outlets) and am sure they will cross Subway this quarter (if they have not already crossed).
The questions that are being raised in this forum is - how many of them are genuine and active.

(Sathish K N) #175

I do not follow Basant. When he refers to “if you buy these high quality companies… you can … be safe”, can anybody clarify which are those companies he is referring to?

(Peabody) #176

Unfortunately our investigative agencies are either incompetent or corrupt or too overloaded.If it was America, these cheats would be behind bars by now. As far as ethics are concerned India is way below other nations.No wonder cos like HDFC,HUL,Asian Paints get sky high multiples. So Basant is right-invest only in quality cos even if returns are going to be moderate


Well! what you say is not entirely true. The amount of cheating that goes on in America is unbelievable - using phone calls, direct mails, personal visits, …
Our politicians go to jail for cheating like our ex-telecom minister A Raja. American politicians don’t. There is no bribery of politicians in America, only lobbying with them. Do we remember when the disclosure of lobbying expenses by Walmart in India had created a ruckus in Indian parliament - which politician took the money? We call it bribery/cheating.

(shreys) #178

Well, politicians in most countries seldom are convicted of their unethical,immoral activities. The high and mighty, have over time, become emboldened to act the way they please. There’s a lack of fear of consequences. And action is only taken when incumbents feel that the common people are disenchanted and they might threaten their power.
Truly sorry state of affairs.

(Susindar) #179

Always had a gut feeling about this stock. Another stock where I have my doubts is 8k miles. The numbers in both counters have been too good to be true.

(Sreekanth) #180

Folks who track this stock since long can anyone explain:

  1. What were the key drivers to grow in 2014 (any possibility of election years advantage???)

  2. They claim to make huge investments in Capex/CWIP in FY12/FY14 respectively

However the same is not reflected in Gross Block additions in B/S (for FY14 ie).

Disclosure: Not invested; queries for pure academic interest

(Chandragupta) #181

Interesting indeed. Thanks @nsathishk

(MeetSugat) #182

May be cause the report itself says, sebi won’t take any action.