(rvetri) #42

Django… Good effort…
We have to see the moats and input cost pressures…vakrangee has the
network effect moat which is a great attraction for its paying customers…
There is no competitive threat… For next few yrs at least… There is a big
switching cost…

And the best is - the network effect has just started… Long way to go…
Is my view…

(Growth_without Debt) #43

Could not understand logic of Vakrangee for buying 0.5% stack in PC Jeweller?
Any one have more info on this bulk deal?

(rvetri) #44

Cinestaan digital ties up with Vakrangee

Not sure what is the revenue model here. My guess is each video costs money and has to be bought by consumers. And Vakrangee shall get a part of that.

(Aksh) #45

Just read the news so just sharing it for the benefit of the community.

Aadhaar enrolment firm under SEBI’s scanner (28/1/18)

Disc: No Investment.

(nav) #46

surprised to see the script nor responding to this news as expected.I was expecting much severe reaction though.

Dis: Invested with 400% gains in last two years

(arorasonia231) #47

Looks like action took place today

(Roy) #48

Let’s assume there was indeed insider trading or price manipulation. The promoters and entities involved in the scandal will get penalized but how is Vakrangee directly affected by this? The company has a strong moat and the performance is great. The Q3 results were extremely impressive.

Are investors over-reacting to the news? Looks like a good opportunity to buy more shares, if the price falls further.

(rvetri) #49

If stock falls another 10%, it will become a very attractive buy. Remember,
it is also in the MSCI next 100 index, if i am correct…

(atul1082) #50

The point is that if it is only insider trading or there is more to it.but if we see a detailed report posted earlier, there r other issues could b manipulation on other fronts too.

(rvetri) #51

There is misreporting by the news paper. The whole thing happened 1 - 2 yrs
Firstly, BSE and NSE were doing an analysis on whether there was a circular
trading some 1 - 2 yrs back. And they gave their analysis to SEBI. And SEBI
decided not to proceed further. SEBI did not even want to ask for
clarification from Vakrangee. So what SEBI decided as a case with
insufficient grounds to even seek a clarification, is blown up out of
proportion now by a newspaper - and that too after 1 - 2 yrs.

(GP Harsha) #52

I was going through the web to find the source of news, only Mumbai mirror has reported this, in the same article an official from Vakrange denied it. Other than that couldn’t find any reliable source. Any one has any additional information, please pass on. Thanks…

(amitjain2711) #53


Mumbai, January 29, 2018: There was a news article in local newspaper Mumbai Mirror dated January 28, 2018, stating our Company being investigated for price and volume manipulation.


Firstly, we would like to highlight that we have not received any official communication from Exchanges or Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The rumours on price and volume manipulation are completely baseless and factually incorrect.

Secondly, the news article itself mentions as follows -
“However, the SEBI concluded “no adverse inference is drawn” and recommended that the investigation “may not pursue this matter any further”. As seen above, the news article starts with investigation claims and then itself concludes nothing material is found.

Thirdly, this entire exercise seems to have some ulterior motive as trying to tarnish our company image. Previously also we have experienced such Instance regarding a news article related to Amazon fake order which was proven to be incorrect.

Fourthly, we would like to reiterate on our strong corporate governance standards -
1 - Independent board with 6 Independent directors out of total 8 directors with Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) having a board member as a nominee Director and ex ED of SEBI Mr. Ramesh Joshi on our board.
2 - Big Four statutory auditors and MSCI ESG ‘A’ rating
3 - Full tax paying company and Dividend Payout policy in place


(rvetri) #54

Yes… This is a good time for missed out people to buy… The stock never
corrected so much in last 2 - 3 yrs

(Rohit) #56

Stock down 20% today…I am waiting for the correction since long time. But v skeptical of such kind of news. Even if we consider the news to be correct. What would be the possible impacts on fundamentals of business.
As per my limited understanding Sebi will impose penalties on Management and people involved in insider trading or price manipulation. But in long term , business do not seems to be affected.

Will be helpful if more people share thier expertise on this.

(GP Harsha) #57

There is a press release from Vakrangee, claims its rumour. Available under media==> Press Release.

(Rohit) #58

Yes I saw that. But still stock is down 20 %…no buyers. Is it just over exaggeration , only fear or something which Mr. market knows but we dont

(amitjain2711) #59

Mostly I think its price correction coupled with the -ve news as the stock had rallied about 100% in 6-8 months.
The mumbai mirror article anyways is old news:

“In view of the aforesaid trading activity, SEBI may like to examine or question the clients or its directors on their source of income/funds and their rationale for trading in this scrip,” said the report that was forwarded to SEBI on July 11, 2016.

Documents show that BSE and NSE had forwarded two reports on trading in the scrip of Vakrangee containing analysis of trading during September 4, 2015, and June 30, 2016. SEBI’s investigation department had taken up the matter to see if any violation was done under provisions of SEBI Act, 1992 and SEBI (Prohibition of Fraudulent and Unfair trade Practices relating to Securities Market) Regulations, 2003.

The article also says SEBI is not pursuing the matter:

However, the SEBI concluded “no adverse inference is drawn” and recommended that the investigation “may not pursue this matter any further”.

Article src:

(atul1082) #60

The way,the share has fallen with 2.34 cr shares traded on nse along with complete denial by mgt ,it appears there is more downside to it.on money control, there r no buyers but only sellers .
Views of seasoned boarders pl?

(SteveBayerIN) #61

This is one of the very few scrips that I invest in. The company has very strong revenue growth and very stable financial numbers.

The price drop (once is stabilizes) will be a very good opportunity for new investors.

The allegation seems to be on activity last recognized in June 2017 so I presume that it is a relatively new allegation. I personally am holding onto this scrip for a 3 to 10 years or more time frame.

(atul1082) #62

There r other observations too on this thread which appear serious.further such a big downfall with 20% downward indicates there is something more than what is visible or stated by mgt.may b senior boarders may give their views.