(Rohit) #183

I was watching CNBC in the morning , they were discussing why Vakrangee bought PC jwellars. Thier was one of the analyst ( I dont remember the name ) to whom when it was asked , did you know why vakrangee bought PC jwellar shares worth approx 100 crores. He sounded v skeptical and said that he knows the reason but can not share publicly on tv. and than he asked to avoid PC jwellar shares also. I dont understand if he really knew the reason for buying PCJ shares by Vakrangee. Why didnt he disclose it.

Was he intentionally saying this so that they can get PC Jwellar shares at lower prices ? Guys please share your views on it.

(Billu) #184

Well the reason could be, if your information is unsubstatiated, you could get into legal troubles, defamation case.

As for buying/not-buying PCJEWELLER, go with the analystā€™s reputation, past advisoryā€™s successes, on this one.

(Value Seeker) #185

The weakest link in this is whether the VKs are real (or not). The worst case scenario is it is being used as a front to ā€œcleanā€ money shown as franchise feeā€¦

(Darkwanderer79) #186

I stay in Thane and I happened to visit a VK purely by chance a month back. It was a new VK as i had been to that place before for Aadhar enrollment / modification. At that time it wasnt a part of Vakrangee.

When I went there recently it had changed into a VK. The owner was the same and he informed me that they had stopped doing Aadhar enrollments as the same was being done by banks.

Havenā€™t searched for any other VK nearby my place.

(GP Harsha) #187

Is there really a fee for franchiseā€¦I could not locate the source in their website.
There is a franchise PPT in VK website, Mentioned no deposit/Fee

(atul1082) #188

I think we could call to some VKs as customers and seek charges for few services, timings etc.In case it does not exist, not operational etc, we would come to know the general status.few samples will give a better pic.

(Sathish K N) #189

Good that you visited an operational VK.
Can you tell us a bit more about what you found there - what products and services were being marketed and what the customers were visiting the place for (Aadhar or Banking or Insurance or eCommerce?).

Best information would be if we know what motivates new franchisees to join VK - we should appreciate their confidence in taking up VK full time putting their own money - they must have done their due diligence with existing franchisees and also understand the economics of VK much better than what we are able to do reading through Investor Presentations and Financial Reports.
Eagerly waiting for nuggets from such conversation with VK Franchisee owners.

(neil_loamas) #190

But even if franchise are run efficiently, we must know how many are operational and vakrangee official numbers are true.

(atul1082) #191

Even after management came on various channels and gave clarifications, the stock is going down day after day.could any experienced boarders explain the possible reason?

(Value Seeker) #192

No one except the promoters exactly know what is happening. There is obvious information asymmetry in this situation and it cannot be explained by numbers/ models etc. etc. You can do the math from this point on.

There is a famous poker saying ā€œIf you have been in a poker game for a while, and you still donā€™t know who the patsy is, youā€™re the patsyā€.

(Growth_without Debt) #193

Only buyersā€¦hopefully tide turn positive

(Growth_without Debt) #194

Since correctionā€¦most of trades are delivered volume

(amitjain2711) #195

Checkout out the traded Qty!


(rvetri) #196

Yesā€¦ It is like ordinary people accuse someone of being a thiefā€¦ When
nothing has been stolen from themā€¦ Nobody says he has stolen from me and
so he is a thief. It is just opinions from people who do not know what
And the policeā€¦ Does not even file an firā€¦ As no one has complained
to them saying he is a thiefā€¦
I take a positionā€¦ Let police file an fir based on some factual
complaintsā€¦ Till then the person is innocentā€¦

(sandeepayachit) #197

Is the company buying back shares?

(Roy) #198

There is a rumor that a buyback may be announced in the board meeting scheduled on Monday.

(atul1082) #199

Could it be to shore up the share price?

(Krishnendu) #200

(KiranP) #201

Some new information in that article:

The Income Tax department is also keeping a close eye on Vakrangee Ltd. A senior I-T official told that ā€œif the shareholding patterns of last 10 years (of the company) are examined, then one would find names of some entities who are not only holding majority of shares but also rigging the price on behalf of promoterā€.
The I-T official said, ā€œIf NSEā€™s bulk deals are examined, then there are huge deals done by these entities, where shares were sold in crores of money. Where the money gone has gone, that needs to be investigatedā€

If sources are to be believed, a fresh complaint was filed by a set of investors-cum-shareholders (including few FIIs) against Vakrangee Ltd in November 2017 with allegations of price manipulation. SEBI has started looking into the matter.

(Bhaskar Jain) #202

I have heard that pressure is mounting on two independent directors (ex-LIC and ex-SEBI) to resign from Vakrangeeā€™s board before further action is taken against the company.

This to me is the key take-away from the article. If any of the independent directors resign, then it will further lead to a major sell-off.

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