US based NRI's - How do you guys invest in equity now?

(sushildarveshi) #83

I am using Zerodha as broker and Yes Bank for NRE & NRE-PIS account. First transaction took little time but once set, next transactions were smooth. I can give you the contact details of people who helped me to set brokerage account in Zerodha & NRE, NRE-PIS account in YES Bank. Let me know. Transaction cost

  1. For Zerodha - 0.1% on transaction value
  2. For Yes Bank - Flat Rs.100 for every buy / sell transaction

Process for transaction is

  1. first you transfer money to NRE account.
  2. From NRE account, funds are transferred to NRE - PIS account (immediate transfer)
  3. Funds in NRE-PIS account get reflected in Zerodha account after 1 day

Hope this helps.


(bomi karkaria) #84

A family member who is a permanent resident of Canada tried to open a NRE PIS account with ICICI in Canada but they declined stating this service was not offered there. Has anyone else experienced the same?

(mechos) #85

Sushil, can you PM me the contact details of folks that help you setup YES Bank account please? I already have a Zerodha account

(sushildarveshi) #86

Dont expect quality, but work would be done.
Asmat - +91-9324259563
Works in Chembur, Mumbai branch of Yes Bank.

(Pranab R Mishra) #87

For NRI Trading account, it’s better to go with Bank with Broker rather than NBFC. The transaction will be smooth.

You will get Bank, PINS, Trading and Demat Account in a single roof.