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Results are out on NSE website. Appears they have made a large provision this quarter, even though RBI had extended relaxation in terms of classification of standard and non standard assets. Very conservative of them to do this. Yet to see data points on disbursements, NIM and asset quality.

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Can someone share Ujjivan concall details ? I did not find anything in BSE


Customers willing to pay but with a time lag: Ujjivan Financial

Investor Presentation:

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NPA situation is good. Collection efficiency is around 95%, Credit growth is hitting the right trajectory, Best management, better risk profiling where no state has more than 16% share.

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Yep. it’s a decent result given the challenges faced in Q3.

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Short Summary of Q3 conference call:

we have also prepared few other summaries. Sharing here: https://goo.gl/5RTk0o

Read disclaimer for summaries here: https://goo.gl/HELov8

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The UK’s CDC Group-backed Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is going to open its first set of branches for public transaction on Monday and start rolling out branch network across India from next fiscal.

Read more at:

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Branches have been already opened in Bangalore

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Looks like Ujjivan is getting over the demonetization damage and moving the predictable track of high quality growth.

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Power of financial inclusion. Beyond a bank.

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Esteemed panelists on vision of SFB for financial inclusion:

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Strange that most people forgot to congratulate Ujjivan while one chap went on to celebrate Bandhan …what a joke !

nonetheless thanks for sharing Thinklong …it was a beautiful treatise on SFB/ Micro fin in everyway !

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Ujjivan Financial Services Limited
Corporate Presentation
March 2017


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Please read interview of Bandhan Bank CEO in ET today. SFBs have a great future.
While risk will be there but banking license is bringing the Interest rate down to 18%.

People may still call it Usury but is it the rate of interest being charged by Moneylenders ?

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Can u plz send paste the link as i am not able to find it

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Question by Journalist to Samit Ghosh: You offer 8% on one-year deposits but your lending rates continue to be over 20%. Won’t customers be put off by such huge spreads?

SG: Our customers know the cost involved in delivery of services; it’s not just about the spread. Moreover, lending rates will come down as our liability mix moves in favour of deposits. Today, the bulk of our liabilities come from wholesale borrowings from banks and as we build up our retail liabilities, our lending rates will also go down.

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Mr Ghosh in his latest Interview on ETNow has mentioned that following,

  • Marginal impact from Maharashtra as we have limited exposure in Amravati and Vidarbha region
  • Collection efficiency has improved and he seeing a turnaround in March
  • Business is back to its growth trajectory and the collection efficiency is improving
  • Karnataka and Tamil Nadu has no issues
  • UP has 5% exposure and he did not see impact other delay in collections
  • He said we focus on urban and semi urban and have little to no exposure to farmers directly.
  • He is overall v positive on ujjivan growth from March and onwards.
  • He mentioned that we do not have NPA provision issues and it has been addressed in last quarter
  • Loan book relatively has not moved since demonetization. But now he sees the loan growth starting from March.

Interview: http://www.knowyourleak.com/1147904



thanks for the link! I think there is general unease among investors of MFIs that there would be deterioration of credit culture going ahead. Punjab is studying waiver, Gujarat Cong is planning too. I think it is time to bet on consumer stocks again like what happened after 2008 waiver. Extra money in the hands of rural folks will go into building houses, buying cars and other small discretionary consumption like white goods, electrical goods etc. I am still not sure SFBs will be a buy at lower levels.

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If you look at Equitas, which started the SFB (small finance bank) in the last three months, the deposit (amount) received from just over 100 liability branches is very encouraging. In three months, Equitas small finance bank raised Rs 760 crore in CASA (current account savings account) and term deposits.

~ Gautam Chhugani, Director, Sanford C Bernstein


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What are expectation from Ujjivan result on 27th ? Those who are following this expect the revenue growth to continue, profits growth to revert and price movement in the stock ? or do we see short term deterioration in fundamentals and stock price ?

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