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Did they talk about the kind of RoE and RoA they want to get to once all branch conversions are over?

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In fact, they only answered to question I mailed to them…to the point.

We can mail them and ask …they reply is prompt

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Go through the conference call transcripts. You will find the answers you are looking for.


I did post that here earlier - Ujjivan Financial - Small Finance Bank

Just wanted to know if they are sticking to them.

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Ujjivan-IIFL.pdf (642.8 KB)

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Ujjivan and Technology-

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Ujjivan’s Marketing Effort-

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank on Thursday announced the launch of its radio and cinema campaign in Karnataka and West Bengal markets.

“The 30-second advertisement will be aired on Big FM, Radio Mirchi and Red FM in the key markets of Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Mysuru. In the coming months, the campaign will further be extended to other prime markets of New Delhi, Pune and Ahmedabad,” said Vijay Balakrishnan, Chief Marketing Officer, Ujjivan SFB.

The bank will air its cinema campaigns in leading theatres across West Bengal markets where the bank has a presence. With the extension of the campaign, the current and potential customers of the bank in these States would be exposed to audio and video messaging, building equity for the brand.

Balakrishnan explained that the month-long campaign focusses on the core message of ‘Better Banking, Better Living’, and highlights the key product propositions of ‘Doorstep Account Opening’ and ‘Special Services for Senior Citizens’. The new positioning of ‘Better Banking, Better Living’ is also a key communication element in the campaign.

He added: “Radio and cinema advertising are key drivers to build brand recall, and to create a massive impact for our target audience, which comprises the unserved and the underserved customers in the banking space. The concepts of better, convenient and easy banking are key brand drivers for new customer acquisitions, crucial to building trust and establishing a long-term relationship with the bank. .”

Source: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/money-and-banking/ujjivan-small-finance-bank-takes-to-radio-cinema-for-brand-promotion/article23515636.ece

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20th April : Launched 1st branch in Ranchi
17th April: Launched branch in Durgapur
12th April: Launched branch in Erode
10th April: Launched branch in Titabor(Assam)
5th April: Launched branch in Kondhwa(Pune)
4th April: Launched branch in Satara

Runrate - Approx 9-10 New branches a month

Was Ujjivan was expanding with the same rate in past or is it working aggressively, these days ?

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They have an annual target of 175 branches I think n mostly they be been inline .Won’t remember exact numbers but all details in quarterly investor ppt. Till q2,it was 92 I thiNk so they seem to b on target

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Was this target was of “New Branches” or “converting MFI branches to SFB” ones?

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Conversion of MFI branches

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But these looks like new branches…

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Ujjivan ready to take off :Prabhdas Liladhar


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Ms. Sudha Suresh (MD, CEO) has given her resignation on personal grounds. WIll take effect from 30th June

Ittira Davis is likely to be taking her position.

About: Mr. Ittira Davis is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited (the
wholly owned subsidiary of the Company). He is an international banker with over 36 years of
Corporate and Investment banking experience having worked extensively in the Middle East and
Europe. He was with the Europe Arab Bank from July 2008 to October 2012 initially as the Managing
Director —Corporate and Institutional banking and then as an Executive Director of the Europe Arab
Bank. He has previously worked with Citi bank in India and the Arab Bank Group in the Middle East
and Europe. Mr. Ittira Davis is a graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

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What will the the impact. What I think is she was more of a CFO still

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She was/is the MD/CEO of Ujjivan Financial Services the CIC holding company. Samit Ghosh is at the helm as the MD/CEO of Ujjivan SFB where all the core operations and value is.

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Small finance banks like ESAF Small Finance Bank, AU Small Finance Bank, Fincare Small Finance Bank, and Ujjivan Small Finance Bank aim to cover under-served customers of the society. Their goal is to provide easy credit to farmers, small businesses, small industries and other unorganised sectors. When it comes to depositing their money, the general public often goes for popular banks like State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank, and HDFC Bank, among others. Small finance banks may be ignored by people at large but even these banks have attractive interest rates.

Fixed deposit interest rates of small finance banks are as high as 9 per cent for the general public and 9.5 per cent for senior citizens. Even on savings bank accounts, ESAF Small Finance Bank, AU Small Finance Bank, Fincare Small Finance Bank, and Ujjivan Small Finance Bank offer as much as and even better than SBI, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.

Source: https://www.ndtv.com/business/savings-bank-account-interest-rates-sbi-icici-bank-hdfc-bank-vs-esaf-au-ujjivan-fincare-1842862

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After finally a month of long time, Ujjivan has gave us today the good delivery no. and %. Also, from last few days it is showing a great support at 380-385 levels. This shows the accumulation that is going on at this level. Request to all technical experts who are following this, please throw some light.

Disclosure: Invested

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Had a conversation with management yesterday. They told that the result will likely to be announced in 2nd week of May. Date is not yet fixed.