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(Nirmal) #23

was checking market share of Vinati organics.The source its picking is still from 2016-2017 annual reports.It should use the latest source.

(Sidhegde) #24

Hi Nirmal,

Thanks for spotting this Nirmal, yes we’re aware that for some of the companies the source being picked up is 2017 reports, and we’re working on this as a priority. We should have the latest software update rolled out in 4-5 days.

Post that all companies (including Vinati & some others where we’re facing this issue) would be displaying data from the latest available sources.

(Sidhegde) #25

Just a small feature update, we’ve just rolled out a new screen capturing the Historic Share Holding Activity


Now for any company you could get:

  1. Overview of the current share holding structure:

  1. Historical View (10 yrs) of Share Holding Structure Movement between the key stake holders.

  1. Go through the detailed line items of the share holding structure in a table form.

And as always all line items in the tabular columns can be plotted and compared against competitors by clicking the chart logo.


(Salman_kn99) #26

Dear Sidhegde

HNI holding is missing in share holding pattern? See if you can add into it.

Secondly in your Financial/Analysis section if you can add marketing expenses of a company would be great . These are just suggestions.

(Sidhegde) #27

Hi Salman,

Regarding the marketing expense - we’ve currently captured advertisement spend for FMCG and most retail companies. Will look into increasing the coverage of companies covered soon.

Regarding the HNI holding - we haven’t been able to identify a sustainable/ reliable source to extract this info. Please let me know if you come across any source and we will look into it.

(Dinesh Sairam) #28

Tijori is an excellent website. It continues to be the only website which provides source for each piece of information it hosts. Marvellous work by the team.

(Salman_kn99) #29

Dear Sidhegde

Reg HNI share holding pattern i always refer to trendlyne, Bajaar.me & phreakonomics websites. Since i am not IT guy & not having much knowledge how one get source to create website, you may check source info with Phreakonmics.in as he is member of Valuepickr as well.

(Sidhegde) #30

Okay thanks Salman, got your point.

We are currently working on this one, we are building a section regarding the shareholding pattern of the promoters and other prominent investors. We will update this in the shareholding screen soon.

Will drop you a note once we have this out.

(Salman_kn99) #31

Hi Sidhegde

Can you check if possible
1- Customers & suppliers info in Pharma Companies or for that matter with other sectors as well. I did find supplier info in auto sector companies but no customers info.

2- Secondly can we get list of companies by searching >60% of share market etc


(Sidhegde) #32

Answering your queries below:

  1. Customer/Supplier Info - We extract our data primarily from reliable sources such as the Annual Report, Investor Presentations, Company Websites etc. So if the company happens to mention a customer/supplier we will extract that data and display it irrespective of which sector it belongs to. We’ve also noticed that this kind of data is generally more available in consumer facing industries such as auto as opposed to the pharma or chemical industries.
    We will soon be tying up with various industry bodies, so hopefully would be able to get you more data then.

  2. Filtering - Yes soon we will roll out a feature which will allow you to query for any financial/business metric you see on the website.
    Eg: (a) companies with mcap<1000 Cr & market share >25%
    (b) show me companies which supply to the aviation sector.
    (c.) show me companies that do not use raw material ‘oil’

(Karthick Chennai) #33

hi…your site is ver informative and simple…

we want forthcoming result date in your column …

(Sujay Ghosh) #34

Nice website.:+1::+1:
It would be great if you could include historic share pledge % by the promoters.

(Sidhegde) #35

Thanks Karthik: )

We’re going to create a company watch-list where you would get alerts such as results announcements etc. However, we’re working on some other features prior to that. So it may take us some time to complete this. Will keep you posted.

(Sidhegde) #36

Thanks Sujay: )

We actually have this data & makes sense to show the historic pledged positions. So will roll this out soon. Thanks for pointing it out.

(Nirmal) #37

hi just some recommendation if u can incorporate.
1.In connections can u show data historical prices of key products and key raw material ??it would be of great help.

(Salman_kn99) #38

If you can add it to historical chart of Promoter Share Holding. So one can compare easily when Promoter is selling shares & creating additional Pledge.

(Sidhegde) #39

@Nirmal - This functionality is very important to us & as of now we have subscribed to various industry bodies/associations so we get the current & historic price of various products / raw materials. We’re still in the process of stabilizing some of these data sources so it may take us some time. Will definitely keep you posted.

(Sidhegde) #40

@sujay85 @Salman_kn99 - Thanks for your suggestion of including historic positions of pledged shares. We have added the feature in the share holding tab as shown in green below. You can change the time-scale to see how the pledged holding has evolved over time.


(Sujay Ghosh) #41

Awesome. It used to be a painstaking job before. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

A suggestion, Tijori still shows the old names of the scripts. Can you make sure that it gets updated automatically?
e.g. Garware Wall Ropes (renamed as Garware Technical Fibres), Bajaj Corp. (renamed as Bajaj Consumer Care) etc.

(Salman_kn99) #42

Can you make sure once again its not reflecting yet? Checked 2-3 companies no update.