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Interview of Dr. Velumani… says 20% CAGR growth is a conservative estimate.

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What happened to interim dividend? Agenda for 9th Feb meeting included it but don’t see anything about it. Did I miss it?

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Finding it little odd that he is declaring / announcing the price of a product that he intend to launch in April which is 1/3rd of current price

Why would some one do such thing and gives time and opportunity to competition to plan there strategy 2-3 months in advance

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Commentary from DLPL, Thyrocare and Metropolis CEOs.

Pricing pressures and its impact

As Kanade pointed out that India is a price sensitive market, and the Indian government is now determined to regulate the sector in order to bring the one lakh odd labs all under the purview law and order. The introduction of Essential Diagnositcs List (EDL) is a step towards it. Industry experts feel that EDL will bring in price cap for diagnostics which is a much needed regulation in order to ensure price standardisation.

In a conversation with Dr A Velumani, CEO, Thyrocare, he had shared his views on EDL and said that according to EDL, these tests should not be charged more than the listed price. Unfortunately, stake holders have no knowledge or control on them. Contrarily, Dr Avinash Phadke, opines that EDL allows for a key development: Amplification of the importance of pathology testing. It creates a setup that promises changes in the right direction. 70-75 per cent of all clinical decisions are taken as a result of pathology testing. Without diagnostics, the identification of ailments is impossible.

Express Healthcare is covering a Diagnostics Summit being held on Feb 22 and 23 in Hyderabad. Searching the below hashtag on twitter would give u highlights of sessions held during the summit.

Posting some of the interesting highlights:

Dr. Velumani participated in above panel discussion

7 min video with the session highlights from day 1 and day 2.

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Volumes Speaks Volumes.

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Which site/app is this?

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Metropolis IPO

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Metropolis business is similar to Dr Lal’s (wide range of diagnostics).
Thyrocare is focused on biochemistry and PET CT.

Skimmed through the IPO prospectus
Offer price is 800. EPS was 20 last year, so PE of 40??
Dividend paid was 15 last year. No debt.
Growing at about 18% in the last 3 years. But, there was no growth last year?