Thyrocare : A Debt free Asset Light Wellness Healthcare Brand Play

(kanvgarg123) #83

A 20% grower with a huge runway of maybe 20 years or more, 40% ROCE, is trading at 45 PE in this Market. I don’t think this is expensive.


(Prash) #84

The competition is severe in the market with low entry barrier. This is something even Mr. Velumani accepted. This was bound to happen as in any business with good growth rates and high ROCE will invite competition and put pressure on margins. I suspect the margin can go down further

(Gurmeet) #85

In cities due to air pollutants vitD can not be absorbed as the sun rays get blocked, it is not possible to get daily required amount of vitD from natural food source. I was low on VitD for very long time and didn’t take care of it and suffered depression and arthritis, now taking vitD by injection form.
I get my blood reports done by Thyrocare for many years , cross checked the reports with SRL , Lal etc no deviations found. Very professional and ethical company.
Disclosure : Invested recently at current price.

(Kumar Saurabh) #86

90 percent of Indians r low in vitamin D ,specially in urban areas. I ve heard this stats from many but don’t know authenticity but can see many in known circle to b deficient . Reason being lack of din light n only few food items providing vitamin D source . Sorry for off topic info. :slight_smile: