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TGV SRAAC erstwhile Sree Rayalseema Alkali

read my previous post. chlorin price they dont have to worry at all. previous they had to sell chlorin many times even at negative price. now complete chlorin is capatively used for chloromethene giving good value addition

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update on above… this 44 is retail price. todays price direct from company is 41000 around of guj alkal

Hi, where do you check chemical like casutic soda prices? I generally refer to Grasim presentation or concall

rates of caustic have gone up further., from source i got that in summer price of caustic usually goes up . three days back price before fire in meghmani was quoted around 42000 from factory sale.

today s caustic soda rates in chemical market around 45000 ex factory… got price update just now. they are not selling as they are expecting further price upward

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Could you update recent price for caustic lye

Just in last two days price has come down to 37/38000 at factory level from 41/42000. Just got update from one chemical broker.

Has company received Govt incentive of 90 cr ot not. Could anyone analyze political impact of rival win on company present and future business outlook

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incentive has nothing to do with any political party . At the max it’s relesed slowly. And I don’t think any problem in TDP losing as politician are smart in switching parties. :joy:

Have you asked any official about further break up in chemical segment in Q4 as no earning ppt reported till now

I meet them usually in agm only. They never give ppt . But my guess is due to expansion the plant must be shut for some time so sales as well as power bill and rm cost down

Why not you start caustic lye price periodic bulletin as that matter more than anything in commodity play here and we lack source for that info like you☺️

i get update of price when one my friend who deals in chemical does any trade in caustic. so i update that time . i dont track daily

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