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Candid Interview from PB Balaji, CFO.

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By looking in to the TATA motors domestic businnes.i feel what the hell business they are doing .
being a industry leader and having a market share of more than 45% still they are showing loss which is not believable.its TATA company so have to trust their balance sheet. if you see the competitors they are doing very good

its shame on the management they couldn’t show the good profits.
Ashok leyland with 7k crores sales/qtr they are making a profit of 400+ crores
Tata motors with 17k crores sales they are making profit of 109 crores.

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does anyone have any idea . why such a poor margins from Tata motors ?

(Gary) #232

Ask a dealer - Tata trucks are pushed through heavy discounting. Vinod Dasari used to crib about it vocally.

And Btw which management book said that market share is an indicator of margins?

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Are these numbers for CVs only or CV+ PV because in passenger vehicles they have been making losses and are nowhere near top market share so comparing combined nos with ALL/ Eicher may not be apple to apple…

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Brexit woes and JLR continues to haunt the company …

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I have nothing for or against Tata Motors but if a company ties up with BSNL to make cars smart then I’d only count on my lucky stars. None of these PSU companies have become smart themselves.

(Harsh04) #242

There is nothing ‘smart’ about this that BSNL cant achieve.
Supplying a device with embeded sim is within the reach of any telco.

One must go to rural areas of this country to know the network strength and reach of BSNL. They cover majority of the areas where our private cos dont even reach.

partnering with someone like vodafone or airtel would mean that tata’s car will remain ‘smart’ only in the cities
Tata is ‘smart’ to know this simple truth and hence i think this partnership.

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Kotak seems to have raises the target from 280 to 300 after results.

Disc: Invested and down 60%:cry:. Keeping faith in long term story.

(Shailesh) #245

If you are in for long term what is the worry . Tata Motors has history of huge swings on both sides .


Not worried too much and decide to hold. But 60% drawdown in a normal market which is near all time high takes a toll on your conviction and you start doubting your analysis abilities.

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The best way is list down all reason why you bought the stock and see how each has changed … It will help all users including me

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Hi, believe you should hold. It is a perfect storm for Tata Motors. But believe in the new management and amazing products.
If you have some cash invest now to average.
As they say, Best time to invest in a company is when it is on the operations table.