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Bad news keeps on coming. Company was making 13000-14000 crores annual profit 3-4 years back and have shown losses this quarter.

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Kindly see the response by tata motors to this news.
Maybe its just media speculation

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Came across this interesting thread about Liquid - the rental venture through InMotion from JLR. Seems quite early at this stage and it seems only in central London … but good read.


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  1. I Pace orders are 25000+. following is good active forum:

  2. Battery pack from LG chem’s poland factory. Where capacity is 1,00,000 EV batteries per annum -

  3. DVR at 45% discount to non-DVR shares.

  4. CFO Mr. Balaji has said JLR EBIT will be 4-7% for the full year, Q1 is usually weak (in terms of sales) and Tata motors standalone EBIT at 5% will be maintained

Disc: bought today.

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hello Vicky,
i am holding tata motors at avg price of 320… I have funds to average out but waiting for the stock to settle down. The ultimate aim is to end up in profit or get my 10% rate of return which seems distant.
Do you think I would be better off buying the DVR at the CMP. What makes the DVR different than the main stock. Eventually retail share holders have negligible say in the working of the company. I know this is not a forum for price targets but ultimately we all are here for the money.Thanks in advance.

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Hi Amit, tata motors DVR seems to be trading at 10-50% discounts to the non-DVR share in the past.

I think it should be trading 10% discount (max 15% discount) for less voting rights. Its just an opinion, ultimately depends on the market. Dividend for dvr shares is 5% more.

I have bought mainly for the valuations… On 300000 crore sales, assuming 5% Ebit would be 15000 cr…i very much like how its competing with tesla in premium EV space. ipace has fantastic reviews.

My 2 cents. Averaging or not averaging or at what price, you will have to make your own calculated decision.

All the best

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Thanks. I looked through the forum but didn’t see the link that says definitively 25000 orders. Pl can you point to it. That’s a large number indeed…

Incidentally, I do see some quotes around possible delays

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Please refer to the following (link from 2017 ) http://europe.autonews.com/article/20170909/BLOG15/170909811?template=mobile02

(Got this link from ipace forum only)


Good problem to have

Electrek’s Take

As we suspected for a while now, the I-Pace is going to be another production constrained electric vehicle – meaning that demand is going to be much higher than what Jaguar and its production partner are able to deliver.

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Right , quoting from the link in my last post. One would think that if they can build even 100k of ipaces a year, even that would be absorbed. So, capex going into ipace production should be a good step.

"Jaguar Land Rover said on Thursday that it will offer electrified variants of all its new models starting 2020. Curiously, the company is not following up the announcement by unveiling the production version of Jaguar’s first battery-powered vehicle, the I-Pace crossover, at the Frankfurt auto show.

The car’s absence looks like a missed opportunity.

Jaguar will be the first of the premium European makers to launch a genuine Tesla rival, but without the I-Pace, the spotlight at Frankfurt will swing to new electric vehicles planned by Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen Group.

Jaguar debated launching the I-Pace at Frankfurt but decided against it for one big reason – high demand for the car even before its launch.

There has been so much interest in the I-Pace, which will sell for less than the Tesla Model X at about 60,000 pounds in its home market, that JLR figured it that the show attention would be better focused on its more mainstream entrants, a company spokesman said.

It wants to focus in Frankfurt on the first auto show unveilings of the E-Pace compact SUV and the XF Sportbrake wagon.

Jaguar says it has over 25,000 confirmed orders for the I-Pace, with customers in big markets in Europe and the U.S. placing “four-figure” deposits, despite the not knowing the exact final price. That order book is almost two year’s worth of production at Magna Steyr’s contract manufacturing plant in Graz, Austria, where the I-Pace will be built based on capacity predictions from IHS Markit.

The I-Pace was unveiled as a concept at last year’s Los Angeles auto show and is due to go on sale next spring/summer. The final version will not deviate very much from the concept, the company has said. JLR plans to reveal the production I-Pace early 2018."

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Stimulating more demand is not necessarily a bad thing. A risk factor is what if the delays in deliveries (a la Model 3) lead to cancellations by customers? How widespread is the charging infrastructure?

I am beginning to wonder if charging infrastructure companies (not sure if there are any listed yet) will be a better way to play this space while different auto brands compete for mindshare and market share.

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2017 link! My friend.

I really would not attribute any value to such an article. JLR has never gone on record for ipace order and certainly not 9 months before even the launch.

Having said that, all indicators suggest that demand is strong. But there is still a longgg way to go before demand translates into sales, into on road performance, into happy references and a star product.

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From what I read on the forum, people are expecting 1000 ipace per month production from now. It is going to be produced from Austria. YTD, they have produced just 400 ipaces which is why the delivery dates are getting postponed. Some of those who have test driven it say that their current car feels legacy after test driving ipace.


How much value we should assign to JLR EV arm based on this? My estimate would be $5-8B.

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Austria facility’s capacity could be up to 13000 ipaces per annum (old article) :

(sairaghav) #204

Chinese startups have lesser regulatory risk (especially if they are related to party leaders and toe the party line) and ease of navigating (lax) regulations in their home market. This immensely speeds up their execution time which helps them build up scale locally and then turn their eye to the world. Whereas JLR has to adhere to local laws & regulations in each market it serves and (as a foreign company) is seen with a jaundiced eye by the chinese authorities in its largest potential market.

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My thread on ipace forum on production numbers :

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“Gordon Calder - the man involved in the development of new-gen
products such as the Tiago and Nexon - will assume the role of vice-president and head of engineering for VW Group’s ambitious India 2.0 project”

Can this negatively affect Tata Motors given the fact that he was the one behind all the new Tata models like nexon, tiago etc?

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At this price the worst seems to be priced in.

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Came across an article in moneycontrol about Tata sons buying shares of Tata motors.

Some how the numbers do not add up.

If I look at last qtr’s share holding pattern, total number of shares held by public is 1,81,19,89,436. If Tata Sons bought 98,13,81,852 then they are now holding more than 70% of the total Tata Motors share. Did it actually happen? Can anyone reconfirm this.

Link for latest shareholding pattern.