SYMPHONY - A Comfort to hold for Long term?

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Few indicators are very much interesting:

  1. Current quarter is going good and in line with previous growth cycle
  2. Market share continues to be strong
  3. Price Leadership and Strength continues
  4. Runway is very much strong.

Bakeris are well reputed family from Gujarat Business Circle and every word they speak is to be taken seriously. Hoping them to continue the repeat of past performance for quite a few years.

Discl: Invested and adding small positions regularly

(Abhishek Basumallick) #245

Decent Q2 results from Symphony…

Co has also announced a Rs 2 dividend.

(Yatharth) #246

35% increase in Revenue & net Profits is fabulous. More than decent, Sir, in my opinion. Not many companies showing such performance.

(Prasanna) #247

Symphony Ltd launches mobile commercial air cooler range - ‘MobiCool’

(Akbar Khan) #248

A historical recap:

(Vinay) #249

Achal Bakeri’s recent interview - few quarters pain for long term gain

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Today price has suddenly gone up by about 10%. any specific reason or information, if any one has?
pls do share.

(Vinay) #251

Nrupesh Shah interview on Q3 results. Affected by demonetization, but confident to maintain the growth momentum ahead. Non-cooler segment growth was at 40% and centralized air-cooler had growth in triple digit albeit on lower base.

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Marching ahead as usual. Many Triggers to make it above average runner for next few years. GST, China Acquisition, Industrial cooling, Electricity Availability reaching small towns, People with AC going for Cooler for comparatively open area of house like dining/drawing room etc.

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(Akbar Khan) #253

Symphony results… surprise fall in quarterly profits attributable to introductory pricing of new products. Detailed note explaining that demand still intact… all is well.

(Sethuraman) #254

As part of the Results published, there is a Brand Report as well (Pages 8 through the End). Definitely worth a read - Loved the way the company has detailed out the numbers, key business decisions taken, future potential etc. Obviously we need to watch the performance closely in the coming Quarters / Years, as it’s our hard earned money that we are investing.

(RPA1700) #255

Excellent way to provide the business perspective
When the intentions are clear nothing can go wrong it may take time but I am sure the end result will be fantastic

If we calculate the profit by supplying taking into account the extra nos. of new products ( 2.5 x of what was budgeted) and the discount given i am sure we will see that the bottom-line growth is much more than the expected one

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The confidence of the management says that the market is ready to pay the extra price for new generation coolers in future which is very positive

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June Numbers

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Slowing topline growth may also signify the balance is tilting in favour of AC players.
I personally believe there is huge scope for growth for both but which one would be more I am not sure.

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If I think as an investor…
I am more interested in where my RoI opportunity is higher.
To me it seems Symphony (=Air Cooler). Reasons being…

Highly concentrated Market (almost Monopolistic in organised sector)
Huge Runway in terms of market size.
Unit Cost is affordable for Large indian house holds. Particularly considering operational cost.
Industrial/Package Air Cooler is totally un explored but high opportunity market.
Movement of un-organised market (~60%) is sure shot to happen in next few years.

With all above (and many more) points if u combine Symphony Balance Sheet strength, Management and Execution Quality, it is best combo to have.

Ofcourse, at what price it makes sense is a different point. Also it will hv different meanings for people holding it and for one taking new position.

I will strongly suggest to go through last 5 years AR, Earning Calls and assess what is said v/s achieved.

Discl: One of my top holdings and hence may hv many biases like Association Bias etc.

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Good analysis felt worth sharing.

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Q2 results

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Interesting to see Symphony being granted a patent for its wall mounted cooler in South Africa.

Symphony’s model ‘Cloud’, which is the world’s first wall mounted air cooler, has been granted ‘Patent’ rights by South Africa for its innovation. Being wall mounted like a split air-conditioner, ‘Cloud’ does not occupy any floor space but unlike a split air-conditioner, does not have any outdoor unit. lt therefore combines the best attributes of air-coolers with that of air-conditioners

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Also they hv come out with Gesture Controlled Models.

Converting Commodity (Road side selling item in Delhi) to Super Brand!