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Alzheimer drugs received patent in India and Japan.


Mr. Jasti’s take on the patents in the Q4FY16 concall

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Extremely transparent management.

-Jiten Parmar


Suven @RESI (January 10, 2017 San Francisco)

The Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference is an ongoing conference series that will be establishing a global circuit for early stage life sciences companies to source investors, create relationships, and eventually, get funding. The RESI conference focuses on the diverse breadth of early stage investors that LSN tracks, including Family Offices, Venture Philanthropy Funds, VCs, Angel Groups, Corporate Venture Capital Funds, and more. The RESI Partnering Forum allows fundraising executives to identify and book up to 16 meetings with life science investors who fit their company’s technology sector and stage of development. Additionally, through an expansive series of panels and workshops, attendees will have the chance to hear firsthand accounts from investors explaining their current investment mandates and process for identifying and qualifying candidates.

Who Attends RESI?
* Emerging biotech & medtech companies seeking investors
* Firms seeking strategic partnerships to build their companies
* Investors looking to source emerging technology
* CEOs seeking to parse the latest trends in the new investor landscape


Q2FY17 results delayed?

We wish to inform that our company will release IndAS compliant un-audited financial
results for the quarter/ half-year ended 30th September, 2016 within the extended time
lines as permitted by SEBI vide circular No.CIR/CFD/FAC/62/2016 dated July 05, 2016.
Notice of Board Meeting will be issued by our company at appropriate time.


Suven results on Nov 24


Suven concall on Nov 25th @ 12:00 noon IST

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Looks like Eli- Lilly also out

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This also points out to the fact that the molecule can fail even in phase 3 or phase 4 trials and those will be real costs.


Quite a few trials going on

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This shouldn’t directly impact SUVN-201 which is tries to improve brains Cognition by trying to alter serotonin activity. This is in fact an indirect positive as if the research passes - monetization benefits would be much higher. The results to closely watch for are of two competing molecules under development to phase III trials: RVT 101 (GSK, Axovant) and Lu AE58054 (Lundbeck,Otsuka). Both these molecules are ahead of SUVN-502, which is still undergoing phase II tirals. 5-HT6 molecules hit a brain receptor called the serotonin receptor 5HT6.

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Lundbeck already failed in phase III.

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But the business model of Suven looks different. As per annual report they will sell their molecule for a sum and commision once it becomes sellable in phase 3. They can not afford phase 3 expenditures.


Q2FY17 Earnings Conference Call Transcript


Suven to Present at 9th CLINICAL TRIALS ON ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE (CTAD) Conference held during December 8-10, 2016 at San Diego


The complete program for the CTAD conference
Suven is doing poster presentations on Sat (Refer to page 38 from the below link which has the detailed program)


Promising early-stage results for Biogen’s aducanumab treatment


Suven is presenting at Biotech Showcase 2017 on 11th January and attending 35th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference at San Francisco


Suven hires NJ based PR firm to publicize SUVN-502 clinical drug trial in New Jersey and New York


Suven concall on Thursday, Feb 2 at 2.30 p.m. IST