Sugar Cycles: 7-8 years of losses followed by 2-3 years of super gains!

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Dhampur suagr…weekly chart shows the stock is very interestingly poised. The momentum indicator shows that there may be a bounce in the stock price. It remains to be seen as to how high the stock goes in that bounce. If the bounce fizzles out in a short time then the break of the trendline support should be used as an exit signal.

On the other had if the stock rallies and gains strength, then the upper channel line (in blue) can be used to book profits in Dhampur.

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Is anybody aware about a joint venture between Dhampur sugar and Autolite india for manufacturing Lithium-ion batteries. This can rerate the stock. Dhampur sugar holds 30% in the JV.

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webpage of, connected to your query sir.

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Friends sugar super cycle seems to be over for now unless some new fundamental support emerge. In terms of fundamentals all indicators are in negative side: (1) Good monsoon points to better production of sugar at all India basis which can easily exceed demand of around 25 million tonne per annum. (2) Now general election is due in 2019 and all political parties may likely to increase FRP and SAP etc of sugarcane in upcoming season at even higher level than what is currently available. (3) Prices of most agriculture commodities is under pressure and same trend can get reflected for sugar from coming season (4) Petroleum prices are also under pressure and likely to continue in the range for next 2-3 years which can cap prices of ethanol in brazil and so favor mix of sugar production than ethanol. Based on these fundamentals significant correction in sugar stocks can not be ruled out in upcoming months.
Disc : Don’t hold any sugar stock currently neither have any plan for the same in near future

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Is it dhampure or dhampur creates confusion.

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Autolite JV is with Dhampure chem which is different from Dhampur sugar. FYI

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It is reassuing to see ur post after a long time. Good analysys. keep it up.

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Can anyone help me out with Oudh Sugar…I know the trading has been stopped. Just wanted to know what will happen who has shared of Oudh Sugar

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Even i am looking for some info on oudh sugar. If anyone can share some infor it will be really helpful

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Oudh Sugar & Upper Ganges have undergone scheme of arrangements approved by NCLT.

So Oudh would be breaken into 3-4 companies details of which you can see on the above link.
According to scheme of arrangements your DP would have been deposited with the Respective equities.

Their listing is due SEBI approval , which when i last enquired is under process , they do not know the timelines yet.

Trading will restart in new equities post Re-listing .

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UP sugar story keeps getting better

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Quote from Article - **He is bullish on shares of Dwarikesh and Dhampur sugar and expects them to double from current levels."

Read more at:

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Sugar prices are down 7% this week. The mills have been asked to curtail prices & increase supplies. - cnbctv18 reports
check Manisha Gupta’s report around 12PM

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Interesting news on precarious state of sugar stockpile in India. This will mandate imports to happen thus bringing the prices down? Remember, Diwali is in October this year.

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"Looking to an available stock of 23 lakh tonnes of Sugar, as at 30-9-17, can just about meet the consumption for the month of October17 only; this month is likely to see higher consumption of Sugar as Diwali, the biggest season for sugar consumption falls on 19th October this time".

Lesser supply and higher demand need to push prices higher.
But global sugar price is low compared to india and hence import should bring down the price.

But since import duty is hiked from 40% to 50% recently in order to nullify the effect of cheaper global sugar price, the govt’s idea is to keep local sugar price firm and not to decline from current level. This will help mills which in turn helps farmers to get their outstanding payment from mills. Though the move could be against consumers, its good for mills and farmers.

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Yup… Even this article talks about the same stuff. Govt intends to keep the prices around 40 levels in order to keep the supply chain healthy. Noteworthy - “If an import is made now, refined sugar will cost Rs 27/kg without any duty. After provisioning for the margins of wholesale and retail, the consumer need not pay more than Rs 32/kg for imported sugar (at zero duty).”

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Interesting article on North vs South Sugar Mills

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I can’t find any news but most of sugar stocks are hitting upper circuit today, that too on a relatively flat market.