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Congrats Subash! this is well deserved.

I guess we have another valuepickr featured there: Vivek Gautam

Looking at the folks featured in the article, I was a bit surprised to see that many of the learnedinvestors have only a small proportion of their net worth in equities.

I guess its the whole real estate vs. equities debate: first, a person looks at purchasing a house to live in, then a house to invest in, and only then looks at stocks.

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Congrats Subhash for featuring in ET. How did you get into this?

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All plain luck sir. I knew someone, who knew the editor of ET. And our editor saab was looking for small time folks with 3-4 years of exp in equity market, and have done decently. So I was asked if I have any issue with it. I said no issue. I thought it will be good if my story can inspire some folks into thinking equity as a long term wealth creator. All I can hope is the story inspires folks and get rid of them their fear of equity, and build long lasting wealth.



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Great Subash. keep it up. you are already an inspiration for many :slight_smile:

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Congrats Subhash on being featured in ET. Really inspiring!!

(Rajarshi) #246

Really admire your honesty as well as modesty…These are definitely required in becoming a successful investor…And all the more reason to congratulate you on your name featuring in ET now.



Congrats Subhash for featuring in ET. How did you get into this?

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Thanks Rajarshi,

I feel honesty and modesty are basic requirements in investing. When you work in an ever-changing, complex environment, being modest/honest helps you see things in correct perspective, helps you take decisions with lesser mental biases.

It also becomes a habit if you read good books on psychology, behavioral economics, as they are full of examples after examples on how our brain fools itself, how it take short-cuts (which can be very very risky in complex environments).

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Good words Subhash.

Congratalutions for the success and hope to see more from you.

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HI Subash,

It’s long time since your update on your portfolio and learning during this secular bull run. Can you please share some insights on India’s upcoming trend and challenges.

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Hi @sko5prasad,

There are multiple trends in fast growing India, and slew of reforms that are coming from UPA-2. But, one need to choose stocks judiciously (by looking at valuation, scope of growth, etc etc) for these trends. Some of the trends that I can recount now are

  1. Financialization of saving :: People dont want to invest in RE/GOLD/FDs anymore. So massive money is being put into markets.
  2. GST/Demo/RERA :: GST/Demo/RERA combo has sort of made tax theft a tough affair. So unorg -> organized transitions is being seen in many sectors like Jwellery, Real-Estate, and so on
  3. Super Infra push :: NDA-2 has done slew of reforms/policy changes to push Infra be it in Road/Railways/Electricty/T&D etc. So many multibaggers can come from these sectors

There may be many such trends. One need to be aware of what all are changing to catch such trends, and ride it like a pro to make tons of wealth.



I saw you wrote a review of “Of Long-Term Value & Wealth Creation from Equity Investing: Observation, Ideas and Reflection by Bharat Shah”. On seeing your review in good reads, I thought of purchasing.I could not find the book in amazon or any where. where you made the purchase - Is the book out of print now ?