Stovec Industries Ltd - Manufacturer of Textile Printing

(Sujay Ghosh) #42

Their technological expertise says “Metal Coating/Plating, Electroforming”. They state that,
Can we assume from this that this can help expand their portfolio of products later !!

(Ayush Mittal) #43

Company to divest the investment in subsidiary -

For some investors it used to be a concern as the investment seemed un-related. Good that company is exiting.

(Dhiraj Dave) #44

Excellent development. As you correctly pointed out, this was my major concern and reason for exit. It would be good to watch further development in this counter.

(Ayush Mittal) #45

The amount is small in overall scheme of things. More importantly, they had been having surplus cash, lets see if they can put it to use for the growth of the company or may be increase dividends

(Sreekanthreddy9) #46

AGM will be held on 2nd may.Is anyone planning to attend?

(Indie) #47

I am researching on this company and have a few queries that I’m listing below. It’d be great if anyone on this forum has inputs on these.

  1. Does anyone have the breakup of how much revenue the company earns from sale of new machines as opposed to sale of consumables?
  2. I’m assuming consumables is a repeat business unless customers have cheaper sources in the market to acquire those consumables. How does the company ensure stickiness of its customers? (This can be a great source of economic moat)
  3. How many machines do they sell per year? Is that number growing? Additionally, what is their installed base?

In case anyone here is planning to attend the upcoming AGM, kindly put forth these questions to the management.

Thanks in advance.

(vinay_new07) #48

Hello. Anybody attended the AGM? While all the ratios and profitability is good, the growth seems to be lacking. Any guidance or expectation from the management?

(Roy) #49

Minutes of the 44th AGM held on May 11, 2018

(vinay_new07) #50

Thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately, the minutes do not contain the answers to the Investor queries. Anybody else who attended the AGM could highlight the company’s views on the said queries?