Spreadsheet Model for Valuation of a Company

(Praveen Gramle) #22

can i reach you over phone or you can call me on 9071211777

(Abhinav Mehrotra) #23

If you are able to open the xls file just do “save as” from the file tab. There should be a drop down option in file type, choose xlsx. Hope it helps.

(Praveen Gramle) #24

if i change the file name it says it will unusable!

(Praveen Gramle) #25

(Praveen Gramle) #26

i have enabled macros and tried deleting the XIRR. A pop up message says cannot save document while debugging

(Yogesh Sane) #27

You can delete formula in cell Q44 which refers to XIRR function. You can use rest of the spreadsheet.

Equity Valuation.xls (172 KB)

I have removed the formula and the macro so you should be able to use the attached one wihtout any macros. This will not give you the expected returns over the high growth period, but you can still calculate the intrinsic value.

(Praveen Gramle) #28

Thanks Yogeshji now i am able to open the file but getting stuck at last

(Yogesh Sane) #29

This is some unrelated error. Valuation spreadsheet is not linked to Screener. @pratyushmittal can help you with errors related to Screener.

(Praveen Gramle) #30

Thank you very much for your quick response…i will get this fixed and will get back for any clarification.

(vjthe1) #31

Great Work Yogesh! Highly appreciated your spreadsheet.

(Ekta Upadhayay) #32

Yogesh ji did the final version is in place. File is not getting uploaded error says file not supportive.

(Sandip Parasnis) #33

Sorry. Pl. ignore my reply. I got slution