South Indian Bank

(sko5prasad) #81

Do we need to issue the cheque of required amount along with the physical form while sending ?

(TusharSB) #82

Cheque can be deposited at Linkintime office or at South Indian Bank branch with the form. This information is shared with me by LinkInTime customer care.

(Janarthanan Natarajan) #83


It is already adjusted on record date by bse/nse and subsequently gets reflected in all websites too like moneycontrol. If you check the 52 week high/low you will notice the difference immediately.

In the below page, check the High Lows table. You will see both the unadjusted and adjusted values.

(viv_vjti) #84

Thanks tushar for sharing the URL. But the same isnt working. Can you please check and confirm any other working URL to obtain the rights issue sbscription form online.

(sko5prasad) #85

It was working yesterday. Seems Linkin Website is facing downtime currently.
Check after some time.

(Puneet Nandwani) #86

If you send an email to [email protected]

Providing your details like
Folio No. / DPID & Client ID:

They will send you a printed form via email which you can send by attaching a cheque.


(sko5prasad) #87

Is there any restriction on cheque to be issued from the same account linked to Demat or we can send other bank’s cheque too?

(Puneet Nandwani) #88

Well, I checked with my broker he said it does not matter in rights issue as long as account is yours whether it is linked to demat or not.

I looked completely in prospectus I did not find the condition that it should only be linked to your demat account.

I still may be wrong. Please double check or ask the query to the email address on linktime registrar. They will be able to help us.


(Marathondreams) #89

The link is working great now. I could download “plain paper application” without any issues by giving DP ID and Client ID

(Gaurav Agarwal) #90

I applied for right issue. They have not submitted my cheque for clearing yet. What is the status of application of other boarders?

Has anyone received the right shares in his/her account?

(sko5prasad) #92

Cheque has been submitted and cleared for me. I sent physical form to Linkin Office.

(bmathew) #93

It appears the right issue was oversubscribed 185% and the allotment will be done by Tuesday March 28

(TusharSB) #94

Allotment is available @ “

(Gaurav Agarwal) #95

Online check says the shares have been credited to my demat but I have not received shares in my demat till date.

(TusharSB) #96

Tomorrow morning they will start showing.


Hi Team,

Did anyone get the refund? I could not apply through ASBA, so gave cheque. Any clue when can I expect the refund


(Aman Jain) #98

I got 95% extra. Had applied for 5x extra. Does any one know what’s the methodology of calculating the over allotment?

(sko5prasad) #99

Was ASBA route available for rights issue?

(Aman Jain) #100

Yes Asba is always there for rights.

(sko5prasad) #101

Is it SIB specific or we can apply from any of the SCB?.
I tried to search on SBI, but not found any.