Solid 18% CAGR 10 year Portfolio?

(1.5cr) #1

If we were to build a solid portfolio that required minimal tracking, consisted of simple businesses that many can understand. Including BFSI.

Would love to know other viewers opinions.

(Saravanan B) #2

What is the rational behind investing in orient refractories?

(1.5cr) #3

You can find more info on them on the orient refractories thread.
Take a look at their ROE, ROCE balance sheet and look into RHI their parent. Look into the nature of the product as well.

(Vijay) #4

Why 10% in Hero? Their growth phase has come to an end.

(Amit Jain) #5

Am also interested in the price of acquisition, without which it would be very hard to ascertain whether its a good buy. Following which one will be required to follow each company periodically to track how the company is valued at its CMP.

I hope its not a Buy-hold-and-forget-it kind of a debate.

There is a plethora of good companies, however the problem always is to find them at a good price tag.

(1.5cr) #6

10 year 18% CAGR stories…

(1.5cr) #7

I dont track any of these cos except orient ref. Idea is to create a simple 18% CAGR portfolio with well known cos to make tracking easy. We will assume reasonable-slightly expensive purchase prices.

(1.5cr) #8

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