Shree Pushkar Chemicals

(ramanhp) #146

Very average results.

(ramanhp) #147

Result concall today.

Day/Date: Friday, 1
st June 2018
Time: 4:00 pm
Primary Number:
+91 22 6280 1309
+91 22 7115 8210

(Rushikesh Kanthamani) #148

Can some one tell me whats is the segment wise breakup at the Ebitda level(Not revenue wise). Or if someone has the ebitda magin breakup segment wise.
I just want to understand what amount of profits they make from each segment, but I am unable to find segmental breakup.They have given breakup revenue wise but its of no use as I dont have Ebitda margins segmental wise. What amount of realizations they have segment wise.
It will be of great help if some one can give the same.

(S_Banerjee) #149

Concall Q4 FY2018 transcriptShree Pushkar Concall June 2018.pdf (94.1 KB)

(chets) #150

Decent results. Approximately 25% increase in topline and profits for the half year as compared to last year. Yearly EPS can be between 15-17. Stock is currently trading at 12-14 PE which is fair.

(S_Banerjee) #151

More than decent I would say outstanding result if we compare last few quarter. Both q-o-q and y-o-y it is in growth trajectory. Hope long consolidation will be over now. Hope to see some MFs will notice this performance.