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(girish_patkar) #551

Hi All,

I am using below query in

EPS latest quarter > 1.15 * EPS preceding year quarter AND
EPS latest quarter > 0 AND
EPS last year > 1.15*EPS preceding year AND
EPS > EPS last year AND
Profit growth 3Years > 15 AND
Return on equity > 10 AND
Market Capitalization >100

Graphite India stock is not listed event though all parameters are matching. AM I missing something?

(initin) #552

HI, @Parthgarg

When I select consolidated result of a company the peer comparison shows multiple entry for the same company with different values across the parameters.

I’m not sure but it looks like a bug.


(ragsingh0305) #553

Hi all,

One query on this…could some1 pls let me know if i can create multiple watchlists?

(rvetri) #554

Currently, in the xl download there is no provision to capture the split under the head “investments”. This head Now has both the investment made in the subsidiaries and financial investments like MF units etc… It will be useful to split the two… This will help calculating RoIC accurately…


(Roy) #555

For most companies, the ROE shown in screener differs from the ROE I calculate manually using figures from the annual report.

The formula I use to calculate ROE is Net profit / Shareholders Equity * 100 where
Net profit = Profit for the year attributable to Equity Shareholder of the Company
Shareholders Equity = Equity Share Capital + Reserves
These figures are taken from the annual report (consolidated financial statements) of the previous financial year.

Could someone kindly let me know the reason for the mismatch between screener’s figures and mine?

(Mikesingh) #556

See the shareholder equity also fluctuate during a year due to addition of any reserves or premium or both.
Generally you would subtract preferred dividend from net income.
In general the formula you said is right, if yoy give an eg one may help you.

(Roy) #557

Taking the example of Nilkamal

Using numbers as per annual report
Net Profit = 123.47
Shareholder’s equity = 848.57
ROE = 14.55%

Using numbers as per Screener
Net Profit = 123
Shareholder’s equity = 843
ROE = 14.59%

But the ROE mentioned on screener is 15.58%.

(Mikesingh) #558

Assuming no pref dividend, the data you gave, your ROE is right.
Screener could be giving you TTM ROE.
Don’t get too worried with small divergence.
Happy investing.

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #559

Screener ROE is net profit on average equity. You can calculate it for a few cos and find that it matches.

(rvetri) #560

Dont know what is the real formula used by screener. Many cos use the average Equity + reserves before the year and after the year. Many individuals use end of the year.

(Mikesingh) #561

To be honest, it doesnot serve any better pupose of calculating average ROE(on average equity) i.e net of year end and start.

It will hardly have small divergence. Unless lot is on part of pref dividend or pref equity or any equity change.

On the general basis one can calculate as the data on hand, at tyms pref dividends are big so that one would subtract else one can use PAT.

Calculate equity for a period or year or average any average time period.

(nipunmohta) #562

The beautiful thing about screener is that you can create your own formula so if the formula doesnt work right as per you then you go to your profile, select ratios screen and then create your own formula there.

(Devaki Nandan Tripathy) #564

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(roy) #565

I tried becoming a Patron for Rs. 99/year. When I click on buy now however, it’s asking me to pay Rs. 6799.32

Edit - checked again. It’ss $99 for those trying to register outside India.

(Parthgarg) #567


For calculating ROE screener uses average method so the formula which screener is using is (net profit / Avg Shareholders equity).
So for this case Net Profit is 117 and avg shareholders equity is 747, and 117/747 = 15.66, For exact answer there maybe some decimal error.

I hope that helps you.


(Anubhav Agarwal) #568

@Parthgarg - The screener download for MM Forgings downloads only last few years of consolidated numbers whereas standalone numbers are available for last 10y and screener website also shows the standalone by default. How can we fix this in the download as well?

(rvetri) #569

A feature request…

Currently if we have an auto trigger for a querry - we are unable to keep the query and also delete it, as the screen only gives one option - which is to delete it. Can we have both options as

  1. Keep the querry
  2. delete the “auto trigger”

As the number of screens where triggers allowed is limited now. This option will help users to delete a trigger and use that trigger for another query


(karan5987) #570

I am not sure if this already exists (please let me know if this does), but this could be a feature. I don’t see a history of ratios, like how has ROE evolved over the years, ROIC, ROCE etc. I see there is a history of EPS, but I would like to see if any company has managed to increase its return ratios without taking on significant debt etc. Such kind of analysis would be possible if we have a history of the ratios.

(Dinesh Sairam) #571

RoE and RoC data is shown in the “Balance Sheet” sheet if I’m not wrong. It shows these for the entire 10 years displayed.

Edit: It shows these once you download the excel file. But yes, it doesn’t show up in the interface.

(ashit) #572

Rolling ROCE and ROIC is available in Morningstar and screener , so you can judge easily improving quantitative parameter