Sarla Performance Fibres - Another Interesting Textile Story in Making?


In 2014 qip @333 ,can’t when market price was 33 approx ? Can anybody explain why at 333 they will subscribe ?

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Face value was 10 back then so script price was 330. Graphs which you see on screener take care of Splits, bonus shares and show adjusted values. Later they changed Face value to 1 and so essentially 330 with face value 10 is equal to 33 with face value of 1.

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Any view on the impact of three JVs of Sarla Overseas holdings due to commercial disputes. This dispute is there for the last three years but Sarla Overseas holdings continues to pay dividend to the company from its operations which is mainly the JVs.

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Price of Sarla Perf Fibre has corrected from its recent highs of 75 to 50. This has happened on the back of weak Q4 quarterly numbers both YoY and QoQ. Profit margins have also been falling for the last 2-3 qtrs. So, somewhere the price fall by 30% is justified.

My technical chart analysis shows that SPF has strong support at 47. With immediate support at 51 rs levels. Other long term support levels are 41 and 36 but I doubt price will fall so much.

I do not have any position as of now but was looking to enter Sarla Perf Fibers as it was filtered as a CONTRA buy by my tool.

No much information/news is available on SPF, I will be thankful if anyone on this forum can throw some light about this company.

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Latest sharholding shows Shyam Sekhar has entered the stock in last quarter

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How could this news will be viewed?
i have two observation
Positive view : this news can reduce the expenses of the company and will lead to better profit in coming years and they can leverage their brand through strategic partnership in US.
Negative view : when i studied company i found that in US company has 25-30% capacity utilization, which i suppose that its an operating leverage game but that point is left now.

want to know your views!!

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As per Q 2 returns observations were

  • June quarter consol profit 90.2 million rupees versus profit of 91.4 million rupees year ago

  • June quarter consol total income 870.8 million rupees versus 822.7 million rupees year ago

In my opinion this action of suspending the plant operation move will help to optimise the allocation of resources but at least still have capex done there .in future it can be prove step like reliance in past had stopped operation of its petrol pumps but haven’t sold the petrol pumps station now from couple of years they started operating the same petrol pumps and same is with their old failed venture of mobile giving free hand sets in early years than they stopped now they unavail plan of gio which will be have disrupting growth and will kill the competition

Disc : invested in the Serra performance 3% of portfolio

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Hopefully company has located your response now they have shutdown the operation of USA temporary

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Can you Calculate the impact !! what could be the reason?
Sarla Performance promoter has sold 3.72 lakh shares around 78 rs in last 2 week. Madhusudhan Jhunjhunwala HUF has 4.18% holding in sep quarter which reduce to 3.32%.

after the news of temporary shut down they constantly selling and their almost sell 1% of their equity. which i guess is higher… will never know their intention but as a analyst we calaculated the impact of temporary shut down of US plant and we identify that it probably increase their net income by 20% but i suppose management is on contra view :^)

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Any news or updates of the company? Is it worth investing at ₹57 levels on date? Have picked up a very small quantity. Was going through the thread found some really interesting piece of research here. Kudos to the participating members here, thank you for your contribution. There’s been not much discussion on the latest happenings or developments.

Any news on the company’s US Ops shutdown? All good with India & Europe ops?

Kindly bear with my very generalised scope of question, but I’m looking to get any analysis or feedback about the company.

Thank you.

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What is with the wind turbines of this company?Why is it investing so much money in wind turbines?The company has about 100 crore worth wind turbines???Is it foraying into wind business?

Why is the interest paid so low?No matter how you cut it,it is still low.

Something else that is bothering me is the company deposits FD with the bank and took lien from bank.Why is it not directly investing the cash in he business?

Why does the company have two joint ventures in honduras??It reflects poorly on the company that they did not check the credentials of its partners in the joint venture and now they may lose close to 24 crore depending on court order.

Why is sarla holdings incorporated on british virgin island of all places?

Disclosure:Not invested.

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Any update on their US side of business. Did anything come out of it? The stock price has corrected significantly to <35/share. I also believe some marquee investors are invested in this.