Sandesh Ltd. - A Rare Cash-Rich

(sachit) #61

Capital allocation does appear to be an issue. However, some concrete green shoots may be considered as Ahmedabad real estate demand supply situation is much more favourable as compared to the rest of the country as a whole especially the area in which Applewood project is being constructred.

(adrian007) #62

This qtr Apple woods I think will be able to give dividend to Sandesh ltd and due to the elections the last qtr in Gujarat the ad revenue will be on the higher side even ther OOH revenue has got a boost because of elections also technically the stock have given a breakout with huge volumes

(Gothamcapital) #63

Can someone tell me what is the relation between Sandesh and applewoods.I mean why did sandesh take this huge bet of investing so much money into a SINGLE company?Just curious as to why sandesh picked this company to invest in from the beginning.

(dvdinesh) #64

Sandesh has reported 125Cr Revenue in Q1 FY19 which is a growth of about 25% compared to Q1 FY18. Expenses under “Changes in inventories/Cost of Goods sold” has jumped up resulting in EPS of 23 v/s 31 in Q1 FY18. Is there a way to obtain more details about the change in inventories?

(dvdinesh) #65