Sadhana nitro :a Dog or a Horse?

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(kalidasa) #65

Based on the updated chart and a number of assumptions (mainly that compared to the previous year, revenue will change in proportion to change in “export value”–this is approximately true for the last two quarters and SNCL is the largest exporter), I am expecting a revenue of around Rs 60-70 cr from MAP.

ODB2 may contribute (as high as) Rs 30-45 cr (250mt * 3 months/12 * Rs 6000/kg is Rs 37.5 cr).

Disclosure: Holding. SNCL is 3.5% of my portfolio now after share price has fallen to 715.

(Prasadkumaresan) #66

I am expecting a flat Q3 sir. Total sales around 85 crores. Let’s see