RPG LIFESCIENCES - Change in Governance and Performance

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FY17: Corporate presentation

FY17 Annual Report:

(tbhavesh) #22

Company reported below average set of numbers in FY18Q1…


(Marathondreams) #23

Something is going on the RPG Life . The promoters are continuing to raise their stake in last 2 years.even when price moved up from below 100 to above 300…Last purchase done on 12 Sept when price was 400+ .

I may be speculating here but not sure if they want to make this as their vehicle to healthcare sector for all future investments


Disclosure - invested from 150 level

(Marathondreams) #24

Good results from RPG.

YoY Revenue up by 16% and PBT up by 76%. On QoQ basis, PBT increased from 47 Lakhs to 750 Lakhs!!!

other highlights from results announcement

Highest quarterly sales and highest quarterly operating margin in last 3 years (ref - screener). Also highest quarterly depreciation in last 3 years which means capacity addition started paying off! With kind of promoter buying seen in last 2 years, I guess this company is going to go places!

(Paulbiplab) #25

I do not get what is happening to this company.
The results are not bad, but still the stock has been beaten by nearly 40-45%.
Anyone has got any views on this company which rings some alarm bells?


what is the investment thesis here? I had a quick look at screener nos. EBITDA in early teens, ROE in single digit and PE is in 30s. What is the justification for this high valuation?

(Marathondreams) #27

Its a bet on promoter stake increase! You may call it a gamble but sometime it works :wink:

Rest of RPG group companies like Ceat, Zensar Tech and KEC International have started doing quite well so there was hope that next in line would be RPG Life! Considering the fact that entire pharma industry is facing headwinds of pricing pressures and increased inspections, it may be a while when it will started showing result on consistent basis!

(Marathondreams) #28

Promoter buying started again from 1st Oct onwards. see below

Around 70,000 shares purchased by promoters in this month.