Royal Orchid Hotels - Available at good valuation!

(yourraj) #42

Basu ji could you please share that what is the source of data as i am doing some study on hotel industry and after that the same will publish in VP forum .I think it will add value to my analysis

(Abhishek Basumallick) #44

Not sure what data you are looking for. Industry data related to ARR or capacity utilization is not readily available. Individual companies talk about them in the concalls or quarterly presentations. You can also get some data from media reports and interviews.

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@basumallick Thanks for your reply ,The comparison made by you is excellent ,which is about Royal Orchid and Lemon treehouse comparision ( Highlighting Financial highlights and other qualitative data) .So does it means one has to dig deep in individual annual report and other online resources such as Horwath report or other .It will be great help if you please suggest some of the good resources.

(Abhishek Basumallick) #46

Details can be found in any of he sources I mentioned earlier.

(gauravksinha) #47

you can find reports by HVS online HCS 2017.pdf (1.0 MB)

(Mridul) #48

Few important updates on Royal Orchid Hotels as of mid May (BTVI)! Both occupancy and room tariffs are looking great. Things to improve further. Royal Orchid is being very aggressive as far as picking new properties is concerned.

Room rates
Scope of 20-25% improvement in order for investments to make sense for hoteliers. This may not happen this year but should happen going forward.

Most of our hotels are doing more than 80%. Usually April May is lean period but this year it has been very different. Industry has turned around completely.

New properties
Looking forward to add 6-7 new properties through management contract route.
Looking forward to add couple of other properties on lease model (so that topline also grows).

(Dhinakaran AK) #49

Very encouraging, good times ahead, I think. Let’s see.