Resources and Books on Technical Analysis

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Article on “Overview of Technical analysis” with reasoning as to why it works. Also, given some examples why it works as complementary tool to fundamental analysis. Hope this is useful.

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How to make money in stocks (system explained): William O Neil

Extension to first book, goes into explaining CANSLIM in detail. Be watchful of promotional content.

Insider Buy Super stocks: Jesse Stine

How to do book, straight from author’s practice notes. There are highs and lows, he has attempted to combine fundamentals with technicals. I was not convinced with his fundamental elements (they sounded almost over the counter!). I leave it on to you.

Trend Trading for Dummies: Barry Burns

Explained beautifully, but don’t expect too much.

Think and Trade Like a Champion: Mark Minervini

Mark’s latest book, extension to his first book. As usual carries some wonderful concepts, portion on sell into strength is too good. Also it carries a hint to his next book i.e. behavioural finance.

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The Hellhound of Wallstreet: Michael Perino

A revealing book from the judge who carried out investigation to 1929 crash.

Jesse Livermore: The Boy Plunger

The latest book on biography, goes into his personal life of highs and lows.

Barbarians at Gate: Bryan Burrough

1988 corporate take over backroom strategy and battles. A fascinating read.

Baruch my own story: Bernard M Baruch

Autobiography of the most influential investor of all time.

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A Masterpiece from Mark Douglas…

The Disciplined Trader

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Trading in the Zone : Mark Douglas

Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Winning Attitude

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Brent Penfold: Universal Principles of Successful Trading

Mind boggling coverage for money management, I was blown away.

World’s Greatest Stock Trader: Richard Smitten

First biography to JL. Some fascinating interpretations in the end.

How I made 2 Million in Stock Market: Nicolas Darvas

Nicolas Darvas is one of all time great, know the famous Darvas box in detail.

Short Selling with O Neil disciples: Gil Morales

True to Guru Bill O Neil disciple continues to unravel his methodologies, much more detailed count on short selling and tricks.

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The Wallstrip Edge by Howard Lindzon

Good book to start with, touches upon new and old rules of investing.

The Playbook By Mike Bellafiore

Good for those who are working prop trading firms.

Value in time by Pascal Willain

Extra detailed when it comes to using price and volume detail.

Trades About to happen by David Weis and Alexandar Elder

RIchard Wyckoff is known be to the one of wisest men then, his accuracy percentage smart out even of the some the biggest. This is modern day version of his method, how to apply Wyckoff method in recent days.

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Monster Stocks by John Boik

A more of techno funda book. But somehow I felt it’s not given much additional information than O Neil’s book.

How Legendary Traders Million: John Boik

Yes, they all been covered in some books and articles. Important elements from the biggest traders of world at one place. Good to have book

Trading with Market Profile: Peter Steidlmayer

Once during 80’s it was a craze to use market profile method. An unique attempt of reading price and volume.

Money Management by Nauzer Balsara

A brilliant book by a mathematician who happened to master the trading also. But a caution, not a straight written book. You need multiple money management book reading before grasping this.

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The Superstock Investor by Charles LaLoggia

Combination of technical, fundamentals with triangulation from other sources. A niche book, author focus on tell tale signs to know take over, merger etc.

Money, Greed and Risk by Charles Morris

You can call this as most valuable points in summary from all financial chaos that has happened. A must read again!

Long term secrets to short term trading by Larry Williams

The portion on money management is too good, learn Williams Fixed Risk method.

Trade with Passion and Purpose by Mark Whistler

Another attempt at psychological accept. I have been told a good book to activate R-Mode thinking. Not experienced so far.

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Traders Virtual Summit- 08 Feb 2018

One of best financial journalist Jack Schwager finally managed to pull out a virtual summit for traders

Speakers list is impressive: Jim Rogers, Howard Lindzon, Perry Kauffman, Michael Covel etc

Topic list is impressive too: methodology to psychology, mistakes to experiences.

This is real stuff, go for the kill.

What is bonus is our very own Nikhil Kamath (Zerodha founder) is getting an opportunity to interview Jack Schwager. You can let Nithin know about your questions:

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Webinar: Mark Minervini Intreview

Market Wizard will be interviewed by Dan, 07 Feb 2018- 4.30 PM USET.

Book your slot, link:

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Interview of Jack Schwager :

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Here is my article and video link of my presentation on “TechnoFunda Investing Strategies”