Repro india limited

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Vijay Kedia allotted preferentially
Malabar Fund too
New CS appointed.

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Consider a site like .We always had libraries but this site gives home delivery and pick up. Currently available only in Mumbai but i feel businesses like these will grow and pose a slight threat to repro.if you see the prices below, buying a book doesn’t makes sense. Plus they are buying used books as well
For 325 rs a month you can keep 2 books at a time and there is no limit on the number of books u ask for during the year. This specially makes sense when one is not sure whether the book is good or not. Other packages :- 200 Rs (1 book at a time) , 400 Rs (3 books) and 500 rs (4 books at a time)

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This is not the first time such business is coming. there were couple of such in Ahmadabad, eventually didn’t work. Availability of titles is the issue.

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These things ve been tried from at least last 7 years I am aware of. Was dabbling with similar idea few years back and found 4-5 such companies. One of company founder turned out college alumni. Checked with him in 2012.So, one nothing new about it and two this is an idea with limited market size potential as per my understanding which may not scale and hence limited profitability. This is what I could conclude at that time .conclusion could be debated but this concept is pretty old

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Which App is this?



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Its an app called stock edge.

Android playstore link :-

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Thanks @nowin for your prompt response.

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Can anyone predict reason behind promoter’s sale off… ??
Malabar india fund had a history of buying future multibagger so they r buying and Promoters are selling…

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Could be asked during concall. However, experience says minor sell off could be ignored if overall promoters have good history . They ve their own needs :smiley: promoters buying during distress times is mostly a vote of confidence but a minor sell off usually does not lead to negative times in general historically . Still, will be a question for concall

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1)Sir I am planning to buy some 1000 (making it 30% of my portfolio)shares of Repro india and also holding with avg price of 625 .currently it is 5% of my folio.
2)I think you track repro since long time thats why asking u for the advise.
3)Personally i am very much excited abt Repros business model i guess it will be 10000cr company in next 10 yrs but managements some decisions i couldnt understand.
And my confidence level comes down.

Disc: Invested wants to add more
Kuldeep Jadeja

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Please do not call me sir friend. Just a learner like you. Personal experience says that biggest mistakes happen when we get too excited. This is true even with mgmts running companies. Though I am also heavily invested in Repro, I would advice against such a massive exposure ( assuming equity is a significant exposure of your overall wealth and then considering 30 percent to equity):

  1. Current valuations factor at least 1-2 years of projected earnings without considering inflated portion of valuation. When valuations succeed earning, there is a tremendous pressure of execution risk.
  2. We may feel we achieved playing safe but it was only because the risk did not convert into an event . Here , such risks which may not convert into event could be the following but WHAT IF they convert and then what is the quantified impact :
    A. What if ingram starts squeezing more margins . The advantage repro has over ingram is that it is a good professional organized management in a not so professionally organized publishing market in India but it’s not something super special they bring on table. So , Ingram will always have upper hand
    B. What if ingram breaks tie up or what if ingram does more such tie ups because you will never like to be dependent on a single vendor though historically they have never done in history but then we do see first of its kind events
    C. No one would know valuation of a business better than guys running the show. I would have been more happier if ingram would have taken seat of Malabar though I m huge fan of Malabar n sumit nagar. But if I would have been in Ingram shoes n would have seen a 10 bagger opportunity , wopuld ve picked some stake unless regulation stops. I am just thinking aloud
    D. We know what happened to e-commerce growth once promotional discounts were reduced. Good part is books were offered lesser discounts and hence this growth looks more sustainable . However , m skeptic of online book market size to go 3 times in 4 years and would like to have a conservative scenario. These projection easily deviate by good 20,30,40 percent and it is not uncommon. In fact, if you see presentation I had shared, 6 research companies had 6 data point forecast with more than 100 percent variation
    E. I am not yet sure of execution capability of second line if leadership if God forbid something happens to 1st line of leadership.

I would not have thought of such risks with a 5 percent exposure because the probability of risk trigerring to event seems low but when need to think of 30 percent exposure , even with a low probability event , if it happens, chances of damage being done are very high. Many times we do not realize the role of luck which might have played in extreme cases of value creation or destruction in very highly concentrated portfolio exposure.
So, in summary , would suggest to look at these low probability risks if you are willing to take at 30 percent exposure .
Disc : Exposure grew at 20 percent of portfolio and hence trimmed to 13 percent recently as personally not comfortable with such huge exposure at portfolio level specially when valuation carry execution risk . Please note that I have a heavily equity invested financial planning process

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Thanks for such a valuable advise…it makes lot of sense to me…
you says
"But if I would have been in Ingram shoes n would have seen a 10 bagger opportunity , wopuld ve picked some stake unless regulation stops. I am just thinking aloud"
Thats a good question why Ingram is not yet taking any stake?

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Can we check Ingram’s history? They have similar business tie ups in 4-5 countries. Have they bought stake in any?

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Ingram is not buying stakes in outside US But amazon is very much aggressive in buying stakes in imerging companies.
Repro could be the best for amazon also…

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0086fa48-e14a-4018-86f4-d7c1bb59099e.pdf (627.8 KB)

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Experts please comment what it means…

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I am not an expert but will try to answer.

EGM is needed to get approval from shareholders for allotment of shares to the new investors. Following investors are subscribing to the QIP.

  1. Malabar
  2. Kedia Securities

Please see the details below in the newspaper clippings.

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I have not seen kedia securities name in newspaper add… and what abt Singapore university ? And some other hongkong based company?

How much dilution in promotors holding after this qip?

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Please scan through last 1-2 months of announcements. You will get what you need to know.

Disc: Not invested

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Is anyone attending the EGM tomorrow ? Would they be sharing deployment plan of funds as well in meeting or it is only for compliance purposes.