Realtime Alerts for BSE Corporate announcements

(Sunil) #42


Please search by bse code in case you are not able to find using company name.

(vikas kukreja) #43

Thanks a lot. It worked

(Gurjot) #44


Just received a mail saying that an Android app has also been launched for this service.

I switched from Android to iPhone last month :disappointed_relieved:

Are there any plans for an iOS App as well??? Please say yes :roll_eyes:

(romy) #45

Can you provide the link for Android app?

(Sunil) #46

Hi romy,

Click here for android app.

(romy) #47

Thanks sunil . I installed it .

(Sahil Taneja) #48

Hey Sunil,

I have notice one thing recently that the email show up after a lag sometimes as longs as 12 hours. Is this expected ? Earlier it was an instant thing…

(Nikhil Jain) #49

I also experienced similar lag to what Sahil has mentioned.

(Sunil) #50


From one server there is a limit of number of emails which can be sent per hour. If that limit crosses it will be sent in next hour. As the number of users have increased and too many alerts due to result season the limit is being reached quickly. So email alerts might get delayed. I have a solution for this but would not like to discuss on forum here due to VP rules and policies.

You can get realtime alerts on your android phone. Download the android app from here or search bsealerts on playstore.

(Sahil Taneja) #51

Thanks Sunil… push notifications work better for me than email :slightly_smiling:

(Divyansh Gupta) #52

Hi Sunil,

Just a suggestion for the Push Notification on the Bsealerts app, can the push notification also give the description of the disclosure made to the exchange, similar to the email subject header. It helps in quickly deciding if i want to see the disclosure details or not and saves time and data :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


(Sunil) #53

Hi Divyansh,



(amil) #54

Hello Members

I started using BSE alerts fm this earnings season!! Excellent value proposition!! Thanks Sunil sir for the same.

My question to sunil/members is “How do we know (and thus can download) annual reports which companies would have started publishing now?” I think “Publication of AR” kind of announcement is not made to BSE right?

question pertains mainly for tracking companies which are not part of the portfolio yet (else u anyway get emails regarding AGMs and ARs for your holdings).

My current approach is if I see BSE alert for AGM, then I go to company website to get the AR.

Secondly, suppose we want AR physical copies of our holdings, is there a way? Or I need to remove my email id from my broker?

Any suggestions / guidance welcome. If this is wrong thread posting, please let me know!!


(kkvar) #55

For some alerts, if we open the app, it’s showing link to instead if BSE India. After a while it shows direct link to BSE India. Is this intended behavior? Most of the times, bsealerts site doesn’t open fine on my mobile device.

(Gurjot) #56


Any update on iOS app? :pensive:

(Manish M) #57

@sunilsurana - Hi Sunil… Like the service very much. One request… Can you add a link to the PDF attachment in the main page itself. So that the PDF can be accessed without needing to traverse to the BSE website?

PS - I am handy in Python coding. I see that mostly JS in used in the webpage… But if you need help python/selenium help on the backend scraper… I will be glad to help.

Thanks, Manish

(Pankaj K) #58

Nice app. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.
I have a suggestion - In future version, can you add ‘add to calendar’ option. Will be useful to add events such as conf call and details to calendar.

(EkVeer) #59

I really like your suggestion of adding to calendar. As of today, I do it manually.


Hi community,

Here’s an alternative -

@gurjota if you’re looking for push alerts on iOS, fintrig might help because all the push alerts are routed through pushbullet app.

Pushbullet have a wide range of app on different devices. You can even use browser extension for desktop push alerts.

Here’s an example of push alerts page.

@myloginid You can get direct PDF links to the curriculum issued by the company in the alerts itself (locate the PDF link in the image below).

@PK_1960 If you’re using Gmail as your email provider then it automatically marks all the dates/time in the email as “Add to calendar” (See below)

Over and above, it is integrated with Zerodha Kite so their clients can quickly transact stocks depending on weightage of news. Refer this page to locate Integrated Zerodha buttons.

Should read this article for further digging.

Let me know what you think. And any suggestions?

(MeetSugat) #61

Integrating with zerodha is good, how much it costs ?