Realtime Alerts for BSE Corporate announcements

(Sunil) #21

Hi Atishay,

Currently there is technical issue going on with godaddy server sending emails. I am following up with them with this issue but they have not given any ETA to resolve this yet.

Apologies for inconvenience.

(atishay1) #22

No problem and great going :+1:

(amit anam) #23

I am waiting for SMS alerts facility to start, using for last 6 months, great speed, accuracy and fast alerts

(Prashant Kulkarni) #24

Superb sunil…I subscribed to this long time ago. I thought this was provided by bse :-)…
Many Thanks

(manish) #25

hi Sunil,
i tried to register but first attempt failed and on subsequent attempts i am getting a prompt
Error : email already exists.

my email is manishinlucknow(at)
kindly help

(Sunil) #26

Hi Manish,
Currently the hosting server are having technical problem at their end. Request to kindly bear for few more days. Once issue is resolved I ll post here after which you can use forgot password link and regenerate password.

(Kiran) #27

Hi Sunil,

Your website seems to have gone viral, and rightly so. People on whatsapp and twitter complaining that your service is down and they are badly missing it.

Without this service, monitoring the results season has been tough going :slight_smile: You have solved a real need.

I don’t know if you have any product roadmap/plans of monetizing, but please bang the door/break the window to get the website working as soon as possible :smile:


(Sunil) #28


Apologies for the inconvenience caused because of website down.

There is issue going on with godaddy hosting . If they don’t resolve in next 48 hours, I will start migrating to some other hosting provider.

(Kunal Patel) #29

I have been trying to register but it seems link is still down. Can you help?

(Sunil) #31

Hi Kunal,

Can you try now. If you still face issue please let me know.

(Sunil) #32

Hi Manish,

Please try to get password using forgot password link. If you still face issue let me know.

(manish) #33

Hi Sunil,
i was able to login and create my list.
Thanks a ton. Appreciate the effort put up by you, will be really helpful for so many fellow investors.
only issue , i could not find few names - Piramal Enterprises, Shriram city union fin, Tribhovandas

(Mahesh M P) #34

Thank you Sunil. Investors breathing smoothing now, all over twitter investor was not feeling good due to non functioning of bsealerts.

Appreciate your hard work !!!.


(Kunal Patel) #35

Works fine now. Many thanks

(Chetan Ambi) #36

Hi Sunil,

I am not getting alerts from couple of weeks. I checked in SPAM folder also but didn’t find the alerts. It is very helpful for to track BSE alerts and I was using it from quite sometime. Can you please tell me anything wrong.


(Anand Patel) #37

Hi Sunil,
Now its working properly. I thought, As I have commented on thread after few months and brought it on surface, due to overload it went off. Sorry if its so. Thanks a lot. Receiving email now.

(Kiran) #38

Hi Sunil - Thanks for heeding to the request. It’s working smooth now. Just in time for a crazy Saturday of too many results :smile:


(Hiren Gadhavi) #39

Hi everyone,

I have made an android app for the same. You can checkout this link. Hope it will be helpful.

(Divyansh Gupta) #40


I was trying to add Majesco in my list on account, but its not coming in the drop down list of the stocks.

(vikas kukreja) #41

Same problem, I could not find Indian toners to add to my list.
I think list of stocks is not complete yet.