PTC India Financial services

(Raj) #21

Look at the results…

EPS 3.7 --PE less than 10( even if you remove the one time income from one time sale of investment of 82 crores). At current price even yield is 4% roughly.

Management is confident of doubling the loan book in next 18 months.

Power sector reform is a certainty with a new government coming in.

Just because of PSU tag it’s selling cheap. With growth rate and perception both changing then stock prices can become much better from here.

(divyansh ) #22

GS strategic investment limited which is a arm of Goldman Sachs US is active in the stock. Can somebody please throw light regarding their activity/selling. the details for the same are avb in disclosures on

should such activity be of any concern for value/fundamental investor and to what extent.



(Vivek Gautam) #23

PFS is wrongly categorised under PSU tag IMHO. It’s 60% owned by PTC India n there promoter stake is only 16% and that too 4% each by 4 PSU like PFC, NHPC, Powergrid , ntpc .

This was due to visionary policy of erstwhile PTC chairman TN Thakur appointed during NDA regime.

So working culture compensation is more like a private sector.No need for its scmd to go to sham shakti bhawan to offer Salam to the minister n it’s IAS Secy.

Once the market realises this fact the PE shud increase.

Sharekhan has come out with an Excellent report on PFS with price target of 38.

(Vivek Gautam) #24

Good pIck PFS here . Congrats everyone on finding this gem which has created good wealth over last few months.

Is it still not a good buy at CMP Inspite of the run up as balance sheet will double over next 18 months as per CMD interview, increasing focus on power sector by new govt, valuation still reasonable with eps of 3.7 n BV of 27 n div you’d of 4%? They r ready to sell equity from IEX n book more profit.???

Views invited

(sandeep) #25

Hi Vivek,

Yes. It is still available at decent valuations. Can double in 18 months as current PE levels are very much sustainable. It has equity investments in some of the projects and given the improvement in the economy they will get good opportunities to exit and book profits over the next 2-3 years. Mind you dividends will be good as well :slight_smile: .

disc. : 6% of Portfolio ( invested from lower levels ) .

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(sandeep) #27

IIFL raises TGT price to 65 rs.

(Aksh) #28

With new Govt’s focus on reviving the power and infra sector and power demand situation in the country, I think, PFC is well positioned to reap the benefits and in all probability should do well going forward.

Disc: Considering buying at lower levels

(Aksh) #29

It’s typo - Read PFS and not PFC

(Raj) #30

Great result from PTC Finance.

(Jagadish) #31

Will the below news affect future prospects of PTC Finance?

How much of loan (in percentage) given to Power firms which generate coal based power?

(Abhishek) #32

Dear Jagadish,

Currently approx 1700 crore out of 5000 crore outstanding is in thermal. However, there is a big caveat.

If you will notice the investor presentation of PFS, management clearly talks about how their focus going forward is going to be towards renewables. They have demonstrated that in the previous 2-3 years as thermal assets are in going down rapidly in percentage terms of entire portfolio. I will be using every opportunity that I get to load up on PFS as these issues make the future of renewables only brighter! Further, with accelerated depreciation back in wind energy, the prospects of the sector in general looks good going forward!

Disc: Invested

(Jagadish) #33

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(Jagadish) #35

Dear Abhishek,

Thank you very much for the information.

While the future prospects for PFS remains brighter, as new govt focus would be more on renewable energy, it remains to be seen how PFS is going to handle this 33% (against thermal power generation companies) of outstanding loan book in the short term.

Disc: invested, >5% of portfolio.

(Jagadish) #36


Please remove my previous repetitive comments.

(Aksh) #37

What could be impact of honourable SC’s adverse observations on coal mining allocations since 93? If allocations are cancelled it could have huge impact on power and steel companies and in turn finance firms like PFS and Banks.

Views invited.

(Aksh) #38

SC has reserved order on 218 illegal coal block allocations.

In all probability, I think, SC will cancel allocations for most of the blocks. It might save 46 blocks where, as per Govt., some work has been already started or is about to be started, I don’t think so though. Something illegal can’t be allowed by the hon’ble court, no matter what be the consequences.

(Aksh) #39

As believed, SC cancels all coal block allocations but 4.

Any views about impact of this verdict esp. on PFS and market sentiments?

(Abhishek) #40

I think someone will have to analyse the exposure of PFS to assets where coal blocks were cancelled.

Does anyone have any insights?

Maybe someone can look up the projects that they have financed and compare it with the coal blocks that were cancelled.