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this was more of an FYI…

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Annual Report 2016

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Hello All,

we are going to AGM 2015-16.

Any question to ask.

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Any updates from the AGM ?

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Any update on Prima’s Andhra plant that was supposed to be commissioned by Oct 2016. Wondering why there was sudden drop in price with huge volume yesterday. The charts also look very week at the moment

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there’s no BSE update so far and also, still half a month is to go. I do not see any weekness on the charts. Anything particular you want to highlights on charts ?

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Well, I am not an expert in reading technical charts but what I could see is that it is now below 50 day SMA (231) as well as 50d EMA (224), and about to cut the lower side of the bollinger bands.

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well not sure but what makes you so certain about it cutting on the lower side? also, prima has a history of consolidating in the range of around 50 EMA and more importantly 207-208 is a strong support on a positional basis being a 20 week EMA. dont see that getting breached.let’s see now. also a very short term trendline support is at 217 so let’s see if it holds and not to forget rsi also at bottom level support of around 40-42 where it has bottomed out in the past. will be interesting to see nevertheless.

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as expected the said level did hold and there’s a good bounce back from there has closed above major averages. So the trend continues and the trading pattern of prima remains super bullish. A well deserved multi-week consolidation continues.

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Yes, I have also been observing spike in volume in the last few days…Their AP plant was also supposed to be commissioned by end of Oct, although they have not announced it yet. Any idea when they are going to publish Q2 results

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no. i am also awaiting the update on that plant but as we speak it has hit a new 52 week high. What wonderful momentum on price and business. Really rare too see such low volatility in a small cap.

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Result on 14th Nov. Just read the announcement published today on BSE

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Bse has not updated the results, does anyone have the updates on its results?? Please share if you have it.

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max by tomorrow morning it should be out…even tonight is possible

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DOC-20161114-WA0033.pdf (379 KB)

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can you explain the below average funda?

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Good results from Prima. Top line grew 10% qoq and PBT grew 10% qoq. Prior period taxes to the tune of 22.4 L considered in Q2…which leads to a PAT of 140 L against 151 L. Steady numbers. H1 EPS is at 2.67 vs 2.31

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lastest coverage by ET ->

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Forward predictions on EPS are a joke.