Prima Plastics

(J2EE Professional) #189

true. totally agree.

(rskothari) #190

I think it is overvalued considering not very high growth. Better to watch for few quarters to get an idea about profitability of expansion projects.

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(Mridul) #191

@Leading_Nowhere - Tushar bro, how do you see the impact of rising crude (if it happens). Regarding forward projections, the estimates are probably based in the capacity, but numbers can swing quite a bit based on crude and stuff.

(sowrabh) #192

Umm what do u mean by not very high growth?

(sowrabh) #193

Can any1 tell me if demonitisation could have a big impact here?

(TT) #194

Mridul, rising crude would likely cause an inventory loss in some quarters, which would hit the bottom line in the short term.

(Sunil) #195

Shouldn’t it be reverse that crude price increase should have inventory gains rather than loss?

(TT) #196

You are completely correct, my apologies.

(vinay ambekar) #197

Inventory gain or loss is a function of how much inventory they maintain. If they largely buy on need basis then rising oil cost will increase cost of production. Thereby negating benefits of inv gains if at all.

(J2EE Professional) #198

stable crude prices are not a problem for the company, irrespective of the level… the gains or loss only arise because of volatile crude prices and may cause loss

(rskothari) #199

CAGR for Revenue for last 7 years is only 14.7%. I agree that it is good growth rate but I believe that it is not very high to justify its valuations.

(J2EE Professional) #200

one should also take into account the loss making ACP unit which was a major culprit till last year.

(sowrabh) #201

And what about the growth that is going to come from here ? The company is expanding its plants…

(rskothari) #202

That is what i said better to watch for few quarters to see profitability of expansion projects

(Shan) #204

Here comes the janta!

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(Aksh) #205

As per below CA, There was recently a meet with institutional investors. Anybody has come across the presentation that may have been made to them?

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(Aksh) #207

In this context, I talked to IR and I was informed that it was a kind of Q&A with inst. investors and no presentation was made to them as such and therefore there is nothing more to be disclosed to the exchange.


Annoucement made by the co today

(J2EE Professional) #209

this is good news… also as far as dividend is concerned, i think its the highest dividend received so far.