Praj Industries

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@hitesh2710 . What do you have to say after seeing the results ?Are you still holding Praj ?

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Exited some time back as results were nit coming through. Poor run of results continues even in q1 fy 18

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However, the order book backlog is standing at 915 crores Praj-Q1FY2018-Results-Release.pdf (273.6 KB)

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Hi I am interested if it permits you now. Regards . MY email [email protected]

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The Union minister said ethanol should also be used more widely and said that he has suggested his cabinet colleague in-charge of the petroleum ministry to look at this rather than building petrol refineries that cost over Rs 70,000 crore.

Gadkari said the total investment opportunity on ethanol alone if Rs 1.50 lakh crore.

Refer -

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@hitesh2710 Hiteshbhai, are you still tracking Praj? It has almost doubled in last 3 months or so. Is something new happening that catches your eye? Would love to hear your views pls.


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On technical front Cup and handle pattern breakout can be seen.


It would be really great if you can elaborate on the technical chart a bit more.

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As mentioned already its a cup n handle pattern on Monthly candle with breakout point at 115, so this gives target of 200 at least. For more details you can search this pattern on Investopedia.

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An old ones but worth sharing and reading -

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I know how frustrating it is hold on to a stock which disappoints quarter on quarter.

Praj industries is a wonderful company which is passing through a period of temporary depressed profits.

the Smartest investors are the ones who have a very high degree of patience.

Please hold this gem and reap the rewards.

(Jagadish) #86

This one stock has deceived the expectations of many smart and popular investors for a long time.
Stock has not gone anywhere in the last 12 years. Quality R&D is one thing, converting the outcome of R&D into Commercial viable business is entirely different thing.