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(Growth_without Debt) #197

Anyone know what’s return from Poronju’s PMS after this crash?

(Sheru) #198

Minus 38 percent approx. A friend has an account there.

(Raghu) #201

which time frame are you referring to ? for the past 1 year? . tks

(Sheru) #202

Yes. As per him all his funds were invested in one go, just before the peak of the market run up.

(MD RH) #203

(mrai74) #204

we need to wait for it to get updated with September, which will change all YTD figures drastically

(Yatharth) #205

Basant down 21.5%, Porinju down 20.6% in September.
Ask -12.5%,

(Debjit) #206

how and where to get this data ? plz share a link if available … thanks in advance

(mrai74) #207

Get the PMS monthly performance on below link

Sometimes you feel happy by getting REJECTED, I was rejected by one of PMS (due to ticket size) when I approached in mid Aug… now I feel happy that I performed better than at least them including many… hope to continue same before I finally invest with one of PMS (accumulating desired ticket size)

(gautham1) #208

Motilal oswal is the only one showing a +ve return for September. That too 12% on such a high AUM. Is the data wrong or are they doing something which nobody else doing?. And they dont have anything in debt fund or cash.

(PrinceVegeta) #209

BM must be down by another 5-10% in MTD October as BFL was one of his top holdings which fell by 10%. Bandhan Bank has fallen by 20%.

That’s roughly a fourth of the total AUM plus maybe more to come in the days ahead.

These are the risks of being fully invested and having a concentrated portfolio which are often misunderstood

(Yatharth) #210

Master Portfolio Services of Vallum seems to have gone down by 13.4% but net assets under management has gone down from 297 Cr to 243 Cr. Down by almost 18.2%. Similar stories elsewhere. Question is,
Are there heavy withdrawals from PMS funds in September?

(Yatharth) #211

Motilal Oswal PMS is really up as per several investors. There were doubts about SEBI data.

(mrai74) #212

(Yatharth) #213

The year and this last 5 weeks have been brutal.

(anand21) #214

motilal oswal returns are negative 12%, Darshan mehta just tweeted it.

(Yatharth) #215

Thank you. I stand corrected then. My info was based on certain investor account that showed positive momentum. May be these few were exceptional.

(saumya) #216

Basant Maheshwari Wealth Advisers BMTheEquityDesk was the worst performing portfolio management firm in September.

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(Bhaskar Jain) #218

I don’t understand why any individual goes to a PMS fund. Assuming all have minimum 25 lakhs entry ticket size, such a HNI would have portfolio in many crores. Such individuals in my opinion should concentrate on protection of wealth rather than growing of their wealth through investments in “risky” small-caps… Some good large and midcap mutual funds should be more than enough. In times of market panic, they can add to their market position. Liquidity wise also they would not be restricted, fund charges also would be much much lesser. Unless the PMS can offer hedges like taking active short positions, which I don’t see them doing…