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Do you think those who are invested in Yes Bank have permanently lost their capital? I am not sure if that is an appropriate reference. If the crisis is temporary, and one buys more with conviction, don’t you think he will be hugely profitable?

I don’t have a concentrated portfolio, I have a diversified one.

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No. They would lose the capital only when they sell. As long as they hold, the loss would just be notional. :grinning:

Jokes aside, it is in the Government’s interest worldover to avoid panic in the financial sector and they regularly do so. If there is any further panic, it would start bank runs. Once the bank run starts, the problem would be virtually unmanagable.


They are not avoiding anything, they are creating the panic. Bank run in another form has already happened, Yes Bank is down more than 50% from its high. I think if this were a PSU bank also operating in small towns, a literal bank run would have happened.

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Permanent loss if you sell in panic OR opportunity cost of holding the shares for few years to get back your cost price.

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I was also recently checking Raymond. Would like to know your views on the low RoE. Also what makes you say that the downside is limited? Is it solely due to the fact that it’s fallen a lot this year or have you done some sort of valuation? Technically it seems to be really weak and what’s stopping me is that I don’t want to catch a falling knife in a such an uncertain market. Capex decreasing is obviously a huge positive and even the recent credit report highlights this.

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Few ideas that i currently like which yu may study further:-

  1. LTTS & Datamatics ( technology in future)
  2. BBTC (holding company around 70% discount to brittania)
  3. Andhra Sugar (name is a misnomer, may read the thread)
  4. JB chem ( good midcap pharma company recently announced buyback too) & Albert David ( turnaround attempt)
  5. Siemens India & Greaves Cotton ( heavy industrial equipments, siemens has recently commenced 4 new tech centres)
  6. ZF Steering Gears ( a bosch company making parts for heavy commercial vehicles least affected by electric vehicle transition)
  7. NESCO (may go through thread)
  8. Cochin Shipyard
  9. Thangamayil (one of the good jewellery stocks, now availablebat decent valuations, invested by damani & kenneth andrade fund, recently openend a new branch, best inventory turnover ratio record amongst all listed jewellery stocks)

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a recent article about stocks that may benefit from artificial intelligence & increased automation. An interesting read

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I have been following this thread and understood your conviction behind each stock.
Dont you think,your portfolio has many PSU stocks? Some kind of Contrarian view?

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I confused Federal bank to be a PSU and hence the question
As you said,lets see how the BOB and SAIL plays out.
You could have added Edelweiss(I know you had it earlier and exited because if high valuations ) or IBHFL in the recent correction,but it makes your portfolio more concentrated on Financial sector
Dont you think a concentrated portfolio needs constant churning of stocks rather than a diversified portfolio ,where you hold the portfolio undisturbed for many years

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