Piramal Enterprises Ltd

(Growth_without Debt) #1244

Why Piramal is raising too much money? are they facing repayment from existing borrowers?

(Mahendra243) #1245

avg rate is 9.5%…was it not high?

(novice2014) #1246

Just curious…Raising long term debt when interest rates are supposed to be downtrending…

Must be mouthwatering opportunity to invest…

(vignesh) #1247

Edelweiss , Manappuram etc raised at around 10.5 . So relatively its less :slight_smile:

(shenbal) #1248

From where did you get the feeling interest rate is down-trending ??? RBI has hiked the rate and Interest rate will go up as Inflation gets under control. See the trend of Interest rates … increasing since June 2018 …

(novice2014) #1249


In my opinion, RBI repo cut should be in the offing, when thats the only question !

And, even FED is going to find it hard to raise rates much from here on…

The chart depicts trend til today, but i am talking about future.

Lets see. I do reserve a right to be wrong !

(Divyanshu Bagga) #1250