Piramal Enterprises Ltd

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Pharma Financial Services demerger will be done in Mid-Term(?).Shy of diluting Equity.: Piramal

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Piramal Enterprises Limited : Chairman’s AGM Speech
Chairmans_AGM_Speech_20170809092431.pdf (572.9 KB)

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Mutual fund holding in Piramal is mere 0.43% compared to FPI’s 27.6%. Wondering why MF holding is so low in Piramal?
This is well discovered stock. Isn’t it?


(saumya) #433

Maybe our mutual fund manager can’t calculate PEL complex valuations.thus dont buy it.
Good question to ponder how will they react after demerger…?

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I have been thinking about this as well. Very strange - this has been a 7-8x bagger over the last 5 years and its baffling to think that none of the big guys participated in the ride.

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Fund managers will be forced to buy once its inducted into the frontline Nifty and Sensex 30 indices. :slight_smile:

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Piramal Finance loans 1000 crores to Rustomjee group.Interesting Read


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Since PEL is mixture of finance, pharma and bit if IT, MF industry is confused which analyst should follow the company. This issue would get resolved after demerger. Till the time, I expect less participation from MFs to continue.

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Not only low MF holdings, but there has been lack of research reports from the industry as well.

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Dear Nil 71,

The answer to your question is very simple.

For this share, at recent prices, there have recently been more sell orders than buy orders. :smiley:

I do not believe that anyone in this forum can give you ‘a correct answer’ on why a share is down or why a share is up in the short term given the magnitude of sellers and buyers involved in the market. There are several educated and uneducated guesses but those do not help in the decision making.

You yourself have to assign a range of intrinsic value to this share, consider a margin of safety and then decide for yourself whether Mr. Market is being optimistic or pessimistic.

If you really like the business/management and you hope to invest for a long term, I hope you will be delighted with the stock price of that business coming down and languishing for a few years.


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Thank you for sharing this.

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Fully Agree @ashishkaushal and thanks for your comments. What is my concern is many a time, we don’t know and Mr.Market knows things better. That also comes as a surprise to retail investors.

Business with strong resiliency usually don’t have sudden 10-15 % fall unless market anticipating something bad. Have you seen it in HDFC or Bajaj Finance ? I have not seen it yet.

May be market is expecting significant slow down in real estate market will impact PEL now or say Pharma fear is engulfing it

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During demonetisation Bajaj Finance fell 36% vs Piramals 30% fall. And when you say fear of RE or Pharma remember that nov’16 and a few months prior to that people had the same fears about piramal. Today look where the price stands.

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PEL granted certificate on registration for HFC…https://nhb.org.in/list-of-housing-finance-companies-granted-certificate/

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Piramal Finance - finance arm of PEL is ranked 4th in Great place to work institute for mid size companies survey 2017

Top 5 list
Rank Name of the company Industry No. of Employees
1 Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd. - Professional Services - 431
2 Equitas Development Initiatives Trust - Non-profit and Charity Org - 324
3 United Colors Of Benetton India - Retail - 333
4 Piramal Finance Ltd. - Financial Services & Insurance - 102
5 Sony Pictures Networks Distribution India Pvt. Ltd. - Media - 129

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Another excellent investor presentation about Piramal Housing Finance.

Some interesting snippets from the presentation

Like Piramal Ethos, once again focus of ROE

Although HFC is becoming a crowded space, I expect Piramal to do quite good here based on their understanding of the real estate sector and their ability to execute new initiatives.

Disclosure - invested for last 3 years and continue to add on any weakness