Paushak Ltd. - Alembic's agrochemical business


I’m well aware that HDFC prevents buying or selling of Paushak stock. I’m questioning their right to do this. They also limit the quantity one can buy of any stock. How can they be allowed to do this is beyond me.

Also, Paushak is not traded compulsorily in physical format. I have myself bought it in demat form. How can it be in ‘P’ group, which I understand is for scrips traded only in physical form. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Any idea when is the AGM guys and who is attending from this forum?

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AGM is on 13th August.

@anujpansari @mukesh and @aniketdharamshi will be attending the AGM

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@NikhilJain - Great. Thanks for the update buddy! Appreciate it.

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stock has had quite reversal from 1050 to 870. Any insights?

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Over extended buddy. It zoomed from 560 to 1000 in 30 days. It was too hot. I am happy its relaxing. I want to add at lower levels.

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Exactly! I was getting quite anxious with the continuous uptrend

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Paushak in one of their job posting mentioned capacity of 250MT per month (permission for 400MT), pasted below is the link

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phew…this is how we have to learn about their communication to the external world…hopefully AGM should nail the doubts we have. In the meanwhile, the stock is on a scorching trail and hopefully things will hold
Disc - invested, a small %, views will be biased

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This is some timely info.

Those who are attending the AGM, please confirm this with the company.

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June 15 quarterly numbers are out.

  • Sales grew by 58% YoY

Domestic as well as experts have shown good growth YOY and steady growth QoQ.

  • Net Profit grew by 159% YoY.

Numbers seem as per expectations.

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What about agm meeting?

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I think numbers are slightly above expectations @NikhilJain. Anyways, great pick up in the business in Q1. Lets hope they continue the performance in FY16 and also power on in FY17!

Cheers all fellow shareholders.


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Those who have attended are yet to report back here. I am also anxious to know how it went

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I’m not sure why would you expect any less given that we all are aware of the increased capacity in place.

Anyhow that’s a trivial issue. We must look forward to what our fellow boarders bring back from AGM. Fingers crossed :wink:


Looks like no one attended the Paushak AGM.

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Hey guys, I attended the AGM, just some facts from the AGM:

  1. The market for Phosgene derivatives in all is about 50,000 MT, whereas Phosgene Derivatives for Pharma Products are likely to be less than 20% of the total demand
  2. Paushak has an annual capacity of approx. 3000MT which they may increase to 4000MT over the next 2-3 years (haven’t chalked out any plans in particular).

(Nikhil Jain) #100

Thanks Parth!

When you talk about the market size being 50000 MT, are you talking about domestic market or international market?

Also, your post confirms the previous info that the current capacity stands at 250MT/month. Although the further expansion will probably be gradual?

Were you able to get answers to any other questions from the list we had prepared?

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That’s the international market size, they didn’t seem particularly confident about that though, because they said that there are some fairly large manufacturers in Europe. They said that there are some large manufacturers based out of Europe but they aren’t really competing because a particular manufacturer can only cater to companies geographically close to them.

They are currently investing into ensuring the safety conditions required to complete this expansion. I believe that the remaining expansion would be done altogether, however they haven’t reallt projected a timeline for this.

Sorry Nikhil, didn’t go through the list of questions before the AGM and saw it only after so I wasn’t able to get particular answers to each of the questions.

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So I went through the list of questions again and these are the responses I got from talking to the company to some similar questions:

  1. What percentage of sales is from exports? - The company’s sales vary largely depending on the orders without any particular trend/predictability of exports/domestic sales. They aren’t contract manufacturers so their orders depend on customer’s demand.

  2. They were fairly resistent to giving out information about products since their products are specialized formulations developed by them. However, their isn’t any particular thing stopping their competitors to develop the same products (no patents/IP rights)