Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd -- OSCL

(rajput.delhi) #730

How much and source of info pls?

(diva12b) #731

FF31DAB5_6DD2_4ADA_AD87_54CACB8FBE1E_180201.pdf (152.6 KB)

(ankur601) #732

Has anyone analyzed OSCL’s stand alone annual reports? Not much detail given at all. Product segmentation seems inconsistent over the years. Raw material usage in FY16 doesn’t make sense. Falling Gross margins.

They are booking loss in FY17 due to demerger but the Fixed assets are hardly reducing due to the demerger.

(rknshah) #733

Omkar moving to T group from 12/6/2017 onwards

(sta) #734

This is a normal procedure followed by bse following sebi circular during demerger

(Madhurkotharay) #735

What if Lasa also books some losses like OSCL did, citing revaluation?

I would wait for the Lasa Q4 results before deciding on P/E multiple for it. Or better, give a Market Cap/Sales multiple, instead. 1x for MCap/Sales looks sensible with safety margin, valuing Lasa at 200 crores.

Of course, with market euphoria, you can easily get 1.5x, valuing Lasa at 300 crores.

(Changu Mangu) #736

Here is a good explanation of the T Segment.

(Chitresh Lunawat) #737

Again an announcement saying that jun 13 will be the last date

So on June 14 the price of omkar chemical will come sharply down?(as people bought before that will get shares of lasa)?

(Vivek) #738

it will come down on 12th , as 13 th is the record date @chitreshlunawat

(viveksingla) #739

They are transmitting same information to exchanges multiple times i

I also share the same understanding, Jun 14 listing would be price
discovery of ( Omkar - LASA ), could not find any details of time they
might take to get LASA listed.

It can be a long wait like Sintex :slight_smile:

(Vivek) #740

Normally it can take 30-60 days after the date

(Mohammed Rehan) #741

How will the capital gains be calculated for the resultant Omkar after demerger? Will it be like for bonus where acquisition cost remains the same for the original shares ( original company in this case) and the new company Lasa acquisition is at 0 cost?

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There is a detailed post on this in SINTEX thread. Copied it for you.

Say thanks to @Someone :slight_smile:

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any idea when they will be sharing Lasa numbers?

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Guys anyone aware about the borrowing by Omkar Herleker…
Was it personal purpose or company?
He’s having huge plans for LASA but borrowing beyond limit can hurt sometimes.
I hope Lasa Financials are out soon

(maheshkumar) #745

if i buy on monday then can i participate in the demerger
or am i late now

(paresh.sarjani1) #746

you are late…
friday was last…
monday is price correction

(maheshkumar) #747

thanks paresh

those who bought on friday when can they sell the demerged shares

(paresh.sarjani1) #748

if you are talking about Omkar… they can sell anytime from Monday…

lasa after listing

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Hi @valuestudent @paresh.sarjani1 @giridesh3,
Referring to the market reacted on Sintex Ind after demerging, do you see any similar opportunity on Monday 12th Jun in Omkar.

Disc- Reduced stake, little holding 5%