Oberoi Realty-A simple real estate story

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I believe sales are expected to pick up at a brisk pace in Oberoi once OC comes. Further, apartments at higher floors are much easier to sell. The Ritz carlton tower where apartments go at 120 cr a pop (last deal of Nirav Bajaj) are likely to take a lot longer. In general though, I believe as compared to all other inventory in that area, Oberoi’s inventory is likely to sell out before the others.

The good thing is that no new projects of similar ticket size is being launched in the area. Even existing players are converting to commercial.

On the same note, after speaking to a few brokers in the area, I was informed that Omkar’s towers which are right next door have almost 60-70 apartments unsold even though OC has been received which makes me question my own GST/OC hypothesis.

(Atom) #45

As on 31-3-2018 the Investment in Non Current unquoted Investment is Rs.2406.55 cr. Out of this
Rs.1906.35 cr is invested in one Oasis Realty and no further details are given. This being a huge amount it is definitely a Red flag.

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to the best of my knolwledge Oasis Realty is the worli residential project that is in JV with oberoi responsible for bringing all the funding and will take back also first its investments. They have mentioned a few times in the concall.

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