Neuland Laboratories Limited - Transformation towards niche APIs?


Neuland reported bad Q3 results due to deferred shipments. Now ithas hit 20% ckt on news that Teva going to get priority review for a breakthrough drug. Seems Neuland supplies API for the molecule and could partner Teva after launch for which expedited decision could come by Aug 2017. Their blog on this matter suggests total opportunity could be more than $1bn (I think formulations). Neuland is working on quite a few exiting opportunities but failed to reflect in P&L

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(Saravanan B) #23

Can someone explain how this business can be scaled up? How competitive are the players in China? Moreover, how do you ensure that this company is shielded from regulatory shocks?

(Faiz Memon) #24

Scaling up is certainly in the works already. Refer to recent acq of Arch pharma facilities. Management has indicated a supply/demand mismatch which has caused most of their issues on revenues last few q’s. Mgt comment has indicated that they expect this to even out over the next 2-3 q’s but the variability in revenues will continue until they have a mature CMS pipeline. WRT China not aware of this type of contract research and API formulation markets though management indicates that their buyers typically have only one-two suppliers for their formulations and Neuland has 80% of their order share(needs to be verified). Regulatory overhang is an ever present force for the best pharma companies, Neuland cannot be immune either. A large number of the opportunities for Neuland seem to be under the development stage looking at the CMS pipeline. They have only about 9 molecules that are commercially viable and generating revenues but aiming to increase that materially within the next few years subject to approvals.
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