Navkar Corporation

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Exited my position @ 175 (break even) and was planning to enter at lower levels, however I think that the increase in business from Vapi terminal will be offset by the decrease in business due to DPD services. No further trigger in the stock.





(Nisit) #26

You exited on correct time. Mine is down more than 60% even after averaging.

(rohitmurari) #27

Ashish Kacholia still holding this stock ?

(starpenchal2018) #28

Now this share is trading at 50Rs level, Anyone is monitoring this stock?

(JP) #29

Navkar has corrected very sharply today by over 13%.
Any big change in fundamentals?
Requesting views please.
Disclosure: Intend to buy, current holding NIL.

(Rahul) #30

Maybe because of surge in the price of oil after a successful OPEC deal yesterday -

([email protected]) #31

navkar 19q2 transcript.pdf (247.2 KB)

The investor meet narrative from the management does not inspire confidence on immediate future growth as per my understanding.

The Vapi terminal might hold some promise. Investor friends may like to add some inputs in case I have missed anything.

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CFS players are impacted due to DPD(Direct Port Delivery) policy (govt. Initiative as part of Ease of Doing Business) under this policy shipment is delivered from a port to consignee directly instead of holding it at a CFS. At JNPT the share of DPD has increased from 5.4% in Apr 2016 to 39.2% in March 2018. Source - article on logistics sector - India cement review - Dec 2018.

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This Stock is in ASM list. What does it mean?

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