My Portfolio - Your Views Invited

(RohitMehta2017) #22

Seems to be pretty decent portfolio, would be interesting to see how it has fared in the past 2 years and also did the reasoning of NESCO, Kitex came through.

(Venkatesh) #23

I had stopped updating this thread a long time back. Since you asked, thankfully I sold Kitex above Rs700 a long time back. I still hold NESCO. It is has worked out well

I regret selling Swaraj Engines and Eicher Motors. I am thankful I sold Kitex, Talwalkar, Anuh Pharma.

I also dont own Atul Auto, MPS, Accelya, Alembic Pharma, Gruh Finance, Ajanta Pharma, Torrent, ENIL anymore. But I have decent regard for these businesses. They have either hit an air pocket or a little too expensive for my comfort vis-a-vis their growth prospects